Support & Maintenance

One of the best ways to get visitors coming back to your website is by adding new content regularly. In addition, search engines rate active websites higher in search results. Whether you want a website redesign, update content, rearrange things or give your website an overhaul, we provide a service to make these changes easy and inexpensive. Visit our Pricing page to get an estimate!

What is Considered an Update?

Updates are handled on a per request / per-page basis. This means that any changes you want to make at one time to a page, from a single word to the entire page, are considered one update. As well, updates to any related services provided by Back2Front such as, domain name changes, email configuration, custom statistics reports, etc… are charged the same low handling fee. Most updates are usually completed within 24 hours.


Making your photos web-ready is part of our service (photo editing is extra). Send us your best quality photographs in high-resolution format for the best results. As part of our service, we convert your images to a web compatible format, re-size them as needed, and place them on your site.

Website Redesign

Thinking of redesigning your website but not sure where to start? Here are some reasons to consider a redesign.

  1. Does your website look outdated?
  2. Are you rebranding because of a change in product or service?
  3. Is your site not mobile responsive so that it renders well on a variety of devices and screen sizes?
  4. Are customers complaining about using the site?
  5. Do you need to provide additional content that may help customers, such as a FAQ, About or Pricing page?

The Best Way To Send Us Your Changes

The best way to send changes is via email, this allows you to be specific about text updates, and provide attachments. By using attachments you can send us text or images in a variety of popular formats. Make the instructions about changes as clear and complete as possible to avoid delay.