Make a Payment

Choose below the payment method that works best for you. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.
Paypal Pay your invoice or deposit by credit card using PayPal. No Paypal account needed!

Click on the Paypal button below to make a payment.
Interac e-Transfer
E-Transfer You can make a payment using Interac e-Transfer.

Send your email transfer to
Not sure how to use email transfer?

Instructions may vary depending on your financial institution.
  1. Log into your financial institution’s online banking and navigate to Interac e-Transfer.
  2. If the recipient is new, fill in their information. Otherwise, select the recipient that you would like to send money to.
  3. Enter the amount that you are sending.
  4. Enter a security question and an answer (make sure it’s an answer to a question that we would know, or you can phone or email us the answer).
  5. Complete the transfer.
  6. The recipient will receive a notification of the e-Transfer.
Cheque or Money Order
checkbook Mail your cheque or money order to: Back2Front
6 Janine Street
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
L4M 3K3
Pre-approved Payments
payments Ask us about pre-approved bill payments.