Let’s get you signed up!

This form represents the Service Agreement between Back2Front Ltd., and you, the customer. All new customers are required to review and acknowledge this Service Agreement as part of the initial sign-up process. This form, along with a $600 non-refundable deposit, is required before work commences.

    Service Agreement

    , of/representing acknowledge and accept the following terms of service with Back2Front Ltd.:
    1. I have read, understood, and accept the pricing policy as outlined in the How Much page (on the Back2Front.ca web site). As per this pricing structure, I agree to pay Back2Front, for each web site, a one-time setup fee of $600 for the first page, and $80 for each additional page, and to pay in advance the on-going annual management fee of $300 for the first page, and $40 for each additional page. I further agree to pay a $20 handling fee per-request per-page for on-going changes that I may request from time to time. Additional services may be provided by Back2Front as per the Extras page.
    2. I understand that in order to provide the 1 free domain with each web site, or to manage any additional domains, or to provide any email service, Back2Front will register or transfer, and then administer the domain(s) on my behalf, under their own account, prior to the commencement of service. In accordance with this, I understand that in order for me to take over administration of such domain(s) at any time in the future, I must transfer the domain(s) to a different account with a registrar of my choosing.
    3. I understand that Back2Front offers a complete web site service package, including setup, management, and updates. I acknowledge that this service package cannot be separated or offered in components. I further realize that the service being offered and its pricing are dependent on the use of the Back2Front systems, and would not work as-is elsewhere.
    4. Note: With regards to the previous two points, getting domain service (and/or email service) through Back2Front is optional. Customers may register any number of domains with their web site, and have Back2Front manage any of these domains (under the terms set above), or customers may register and manage any of their domains themselves. However, customer-managed domains (and/or email) are their own responsibility and expense.
    5. I understand that failure to pay outstanding balances on my account on time may result in suspension of service. I acknowledge that under such circumstance, Back2Front has the right to alter the service, including, and not limited to, suspension, revocation, and termination of service, without liability on their part.
    6. I understand that materials included in any of my web site(s) are my own responsibility. I acknowledge that Back2Front bears no liability whatsoever regarding the accuracy, correctness, compatibility, appropriateness, or legality of anything included on any of the web site(s). It is my own responsibility to review, approve, and request corrections for all materials on my web site(s). In addition, I grant Back2Front the right to refuse posting or to remove any materials they deem to be offensive, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate, entirely at their discretion.
    7. I understand that Internet service in general is unreliable and subject to occasional outages, downtime, and other service problems. I acknowledge that Back2Front bears no liability for damages resulting from, or incidental to, service problems related to my web site, email service, or any other domain-related or web-related service Back2Front provides or affects.
    8. I am aware that these terms may be updated from time to time to reflect changes in Back2Front's service policy.
    By submitting this digital service agreement and your deposit, means that you are agreeing to be bound by its terms similar to a paper contract. If you prefer, you can print the form, sign it, and mail to: Back2Front Services Ltd., 6 Janine Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 3K3.