The Marion Drexler Band

Don Maitland here from the Marion Drexler Band. We've been clients of Back2Front going on 15 years. We've just undergone our 3rd complete website revision to keep ourselves current in an ever changing business. All of the staff we've dealt with over the years at Back2Front have been excellent, helpful, and above all supportive through our ups and downs. And there were a few downs in the entertainment business. We look forward to more years of getting our brand out with Back2Front.
Back2Front has been managing the website needs for The Marion Drexler Band since 2005. Support response has always been immediate and accurate regarding alterations, updates and account details. October 2012 saw a complete revamping of our site to make it current and competitive. We certainly recommend them as a website provider.
We get compliments all the time regarding the site. We are happy with the way Back2Front designed and manages the MDB site. It pays for itself!
You guys are amazing in getting work done so quickly! We are consistently getting about 11 to 1200 hits on the site per month which is just great for a local band. The site is either directly or partially responsible for much of our work coming in. Our clients check out the site to study what we are about and they get a positive feeling towards the band from it. Being up to date, therefore, becomes more important than I would have realized. Thanks again.