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Email and hosting server downtime July 6, 2020
Latest update: 1515 - It appears the host has resolved the issues and the email and hosting servers are back online. We'll be working with our provider to setup a system such that such a delay is less likely to occur in the future. Emails should begin to arrive any time now. Just after 10AM we recieved notification of there being a power issue at the host of the mail and plugin server. Their notices are as follows in reverse order: "Toronto downtime (06 July 2020 10:05 EDT) Toronto downtime (06 July 2020 10:05 EDT) Update 10 (06 July 2020 14:20 EDT): all three hypervisors and volume storage system remain offline. We continue to work to resolve the issues but do not currently have ETA on resolution. ... Update 6 (06 July 2020 12:48 EDT): most services are back online but three storage nodes are offline which means distributed storage system is offline so VMs with volume cannot be booted until we resolve this issue. Update 5 (06 July 2020 11:50 EDT): controller node is booted. Update 4 (06 July 2020 11:40 EDT): no replacement needed after removing serial port connection. ETA 10 minutes until most services except three hypervisors are online. Update 3 (06 July 2020 11:35 EDT): some servers are damaged due to power surge. We need to replace it with backup server. Update 2 (06 July 2020 11:05 EDT): PDU fail due to datacenter power surge. Replace and now services coming back online soon. Update 1 (06 July 2020 10:20 EDT): appears to be power issue. Our technicians arrive on-site shortly. Many services in Toronto are down. We are investigating.