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Important Changes To Paypal September 5, 2017
We have some exciting updates for you:

We're expanding Seller Protection. Effective immediately, seller protection will now apply transactions where the item is listed in a classified advertisement and the transaction is completed in-person. Buyer protection will not apply to these transactions. Buyers and sellers will continue to be protected against unauthorized transactions.

We're giving you greater choice in how you use PayPal. You will now be able to pick any funding source in your PayPal account as a preferred payment method when shopping with PayPal. We've included additional details on which funding source will be used for different types of payment transactions, when you send money to family or friends, and for pre-approved transactions, such as subscriptions.

We are making it easier than ever to send money. We are introducing new flat fee pricing for international Personal Payments funded using either your PayPal balance or a bank account and we are simplifying pricing for Personal Payments funded using credit cards or Visa Debit cards.