Web site hit statistics are an important tool that can be used to measure how many people are using your web site and when they visit. Stats can also tell you what key words were used to access your site, which pages are most popular, which browsers and devices are most used to view your site, what other sites are linking to your site and more...

Hit Statistics

Do you know how well your web site is doing?

What are "Hit Statistics" exactly?

Hit Statistics are attempts to measure web site activity, using server logs, or tools like Google Analytics.

How is it done?

Each time your web site is accessed ("hit"), the web site software (web server) records information about the request. In addition, each time a user accesses your web site, the browser or client software they are using sends information about itself along with the request. All this information is logged, and retained for future reference.

Our Statistics Reporting

At Back2Front we take these records, organize, tabulate, and analyze them to produce a monthly web site Statistics Report for each of our customers as part of our service. We send out reports monthly via email, or you can access them privately on line at anytime.

Our Statistics report provides hit information for each of your pages, which browsers are being used to see your web site, who the hits are coming from (people or search engines), what key words are being used to find your site, and more. As well, we provide a "Guide to your Statistics Report" so that you can better understand how to interpret all those numbers.

Hit Counters

Our reports are not equivalent to the data produced by the typical web counters that you see on many web sites. Hit counters are very limited and can only count the hits to the page on which they are positioned. Typically, hit counter accuracy is not nearly as high as what we provide. Additionally, web counter information is often not private; our reports are.
We recommend that you review your stats monthly. To that end we email them to you each month.
Or, you can log-in anytime to see your web stats and compare month to month, year to year numbers.
Our sever log based stats provide more detailed info about your site than Google Analytics. Use Google Analytics to compare your site to other web sites.