Buying and selling online has gone main stream. If you have not yet taken advantage of the power of the Internet to sell your product directly, now is the time to get started and we can help you do it right!


The most powerful and flexible shopping cart in the industry!

Back2Front's Shopping Cart

Custom-built right here in Toronto by our own web site developers, our Shopping Cart is the most powerful and flexible in the industry.
There is nothing this shopping cart system can't do!

Most shopping carts do some things very well. Some handle complex shipping rules well. Some are good with multiple taxes. Others allow coupons and discounts, etc. But no other shopping cart that we could find was good at everything! So we designed and built our own. Not only can it do all of the above tasks very well, it can do any combination of them you need!

How Much Does it Cost?

Back2Front's Shopping Cart system is one of the lowest cost e-commerce solutions in Canada! Our Shopping Cart is priced the same as our regular pages to set up and maintain. There is a low flat fee per page required.

You will need a minimum of 3 pages

  1. The View Cart page.
  2. The Checkout page.
  3. At least one layout page to display your products.
You do not need a separate page for each product. How many layout pages you need depends on the number of layouts required to display all your products.

A typical cart has 3 layouts

  1. One to list all of the product categories.
  2. One to list all of the items within one category.
  3. And one product detail page.
This means that a typical shopping cart has a total of 5 pages.

If you have categories of products that are very different from each other and need to be displayed in different ways, then you may need more layouts to fully display your product lines.

Add a shopping cart to your Back2Front web site!

  • Setup Fee $150 (one–time)
  • Management Fee $75/year

  • Call us if you need help determining the number of pages you will need.
  • For pricing on a complete e-commerce web site with Back2Front, see our How Much page.

Regional Taxes

Many competing shopping carts do not allow multiple tax rules, but if you sell online not just in Toronto but globally, you may need to deal with complex tax rules. Tax rates may depend on the region where the goods are being shipped to, the place of origin, the total price of the goods, or what sort of good is being sold. Don't get stuck with a shopping cart that cannot accommodate your Canadian tax reality. Back2Front's shopping cart can handle any kind of tax rules you may have to comply with.

Custom Shipping Calculations

Often other shopping carts allow only one sort of shipping calculation. For instance, you can calculate the shipping cost based on the total value of the goods, or their total weight, but it will not allow you to use one rule for your jewelery and a different rule for your furniture. Back2Front's shopping cart does not have this limitation and provides the facility to charge variable shipping calculations for these scenarios and many more. What if some of your items can only be shipped within Canada, but others can be shipped world wide, or can only be picked up in Toronto? Our e-commerce system can handle any situation.

Match Your Brand

Have you noticed how most shopping carts look nothing like the rest of the web site? This is because the software has not been designed to respect the site's style sheet. Also, many shopping carts do not allow customization of the look of the pages; you can't change the wording, you can't change the fonts, the colours, or even how the products are displayed. In addition, many shopping carts are just ugly! None of this is true of our shopping cart! Back2Front's cart is fully customizable. We can seamlessly add a shopping cart to your web site that matches your brand and displays your products to their best advantage.

Fully Customizable Items

Selling most products is straightforward and is accommodated by most shopping carts. For example, selling blue hammers or red hammers. But what if your product is more complex? Say you sell small, medium, and large hammers that are offered in several colours, and that are engraved? You need to ask for the name to be engraved on the hammer as well as the size and the colour. Can your current shopping cart handle it? Well ours can, and any other customization you can think of!

Discounts, Vouchers, Coupons

Marketing these days is challenging and requires imaginative ways of offering your products to get the best sales results. Offering discounts for bulk buying or repeat clients, offering coupons and vouchers, promotions, and free shipping days, etc. are all part of today's marketing tool box. You need a shopping cart system that won't hold back your marketing genius! Back2Front's shopping cart gives you free rein to sell your products in any way you can dream up!

Transaction Tracking, Backups, and Logs

There are numerous nearly free shopping cart systems available through web hosting providers that come with their particular "Content Management System" or online web site builder tool. These systems are always limited in some way, but most dangerously, they are limited in their ability to provide access to logs and keep records of transactions. If your shopping cart fails to complete a transaction, unless a customer complains, you will have no way of knowing that it happened, or any way to discover what the problem may be. If your shopping cart is confusing to your customers in such a way that they abandon their order part of the way through the process, you will not be able to discover where they are having trouble, or how to fix it.

Back2Front's shopping cart system was designed by our own web designers here in Toronto to track and record every transaction in our logs. When an issue arises, we can examine the logs, and retrieve the transaction records to ensure that you never lose a sale and your shopping cart system works as it should.

Fully managed and supported in Canada

It is always important to ensure that your web site's code is correct, the pages display properly, and that it is viewable from any type of browser or device, but it is critical to your sales that your shopping cart works properly!

If your customer suspects that your online store is not working properly, if the calculations don't look right, or there are any "glitches" at all during the shopping or checkout process, they will leave! If you are lucky, they will complain, but either way you will lose sales.

With Back2Front's fully managed e-commerce service, you do not have to worry! Our system automatically detects problems which reduces human error, and ensures that your online store always functions correctly. In addition, our e-commerce solutions are fully supported by our Toronto web developers and designers who are not only familiar with our system but designed it. When you call or email Support at Back2Front, you will be communicating with one of our native English speaking web site developers based in the Greater Toronto Area.

Unlimited Secure Payment Options

Accepting payment online securely is the last and most critical step in the online shopping process. You need to offer multiple options for payment to your clients in order to maximize the likelihood that the transaction will be completed and you get paid!

In addition, you may want your customers to have the option of viewing your prices in US dollars, Euros, or Canadian Currency. Our system can automatically calculate the correct figures using exchange rates you stipulate.

The Back2Front shopping cart allows multiple payment options such as cheque, direct withdrawal, or credit card, and can interface with any payment gateway you prefer.

Pay Pal
PayPal is free to set up and one of the safest and most widely recognized payment gateways. It does not require your client to be a member to use the service, and the transaction fees are industry standard. If you do not have a preference, we recommend PayPal as a first choice.

Customers can use Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card to pay with PayPal. They can also use a debit card that displays the Visa or MasterCard logo.


Ultra Cart
Ultra Cart is a full featured cart - whether you are selling one product or one million. Quickly and easily take payments with UltraCart Payments. Accept Credit Cards, PayPal and Amazon Payments within minutes.


Elavon helps businesses, small and large, accept all payment types - whether you need a simple or sophisticated payment solution.


North Pay
North Pay offers a flat monthly fee service provided by a Canadian company for Canadian business.


Moneris is one of the first payment gateways in Canada.


There are many other payment options available, just give us a call - we would love to help!

E-Commerce FAQ:

Can I update product information myself?

Yes! Updating product information in Back2Front's shopping cart system (changing a price or a description, adding, deleting, etc.) is as easy as filling out an online form. The form will be customized to suit the products, so the forms are fast and easy to use. (No unnecessary steps or fields to slow you down and clutter things up!)

I only have one product - do I need a shopping cart?

E-Commerce No. You can use a simple "Pay Now" button that takes the customer directly to the payment gateway. This is useful if you have a service, take deposits, or have a simple product to sell. The Pay Now button can be preconfigured for a certain amount, or the amount can be left open for the client to fill in when paying invoices etc.

What about donations?

E-Commerce PayPal (and other payment gateways) provide non-profit organizations with transaction discounts and "Donate Now" buttons designed to serve charitable organizations who do not need full shopping cart services.