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Converting prospects (web site visitors) into customers (getting the sale) used to be more of an art that some people were magically good at. But with more recent studies in cognitive and neural science, and with a lot of testing done by marketing experts, conversion is now a science. This is really good news since it means we now can use the science to reliably improve our clients' conversion rates.

Back2Front's Conversion Program

This is a 12 month program designed to significantly improve your conversion rates. We systematically work through your site evaluating, correcting, and testing the graphics, text, and functionality of your web site according the principles outlined below. We need at least 12 months (you can choose to remain on the program longer) to gather sufficient data and make the adjustments necessary to ensure success.

The Back2Front Conversion Program Includes:

The Cost:

  • $300 to enroll in the program
  • $150 per month for the next 11 months

The Value Proposition

The value proposition is not your mission statement or tag line, and it is entirely missing from most web sites we see. Your value proposition should be a clear, short statement defining what you offer, who it is for, and why customers should buy it from you and not your competitor.

We will work closely with you to create an effective value proposition statement, and we will place it prominently on the home page of your web site as well as on every main entry point.

The Call to Action

What action do you want you visitors to take? This may seem obvious - buy! Right? And that may be true for a web site that is selling a product directly online. But, even in that case, you may want to be directing your visitors to buy your most profitable product - or to buy more of it. If you are offering a service, then your call to action may be to sign up for your newsletter to get their contact info so you can follow up and make the sale. To encourage visitors to provide their information, we need to sweeten the deal (offer a coupon, a disscount code, free trials, free shipping, or an informational product (an e-book, or white paper, etc.).

We help you determine the best call to action, then we work out how best to display it on the web site, and then what the sweetener should be. We also may be involved in producing the sweetener.

Removing Distractions

The temptation to add irrelevant but cool things to your web site like an automatically updating weather report, or a slide show with beautiful photographs (of something other than your product), must be resisted if you want a web site that is effective at conversion. Also, you need to make sure that the styles, formatting, and placement of the elements on the page lead the visitor to the goal and nowhere else.

You may have "NEW!" information or a new product, but unless that new item is directly on the path you are trying to get your visitors to follow it will only be a distraction. Announcements may be better accomplished with your newsletter than by adding a flashing "New" button on your home page.

We will look for and remove distractions, and recommend other ways of accomplishing any goals you have that do not relate to conversion.

Keeping them on the site

If your product is simple and "sells itself", then you only need to keep them on the site long enough to complete the transaction. However, most products and services require a bit of explanation, and most visitors will need some convincing before they are willing to buy. If the visitor leaves the site before you get a chance to make your case, you have lost a prospect.

First, you need to capture the visitor's attention, then provide more information to keep them there. Remember, your web site is available 24/7 - but you are most likely not. While your new prospect is waiting for you to respond to the email he sent you or for business hours to begin, your web site should be answering his questions and keeping him engaged. If he can't find the information he is looking for on your site, he will go to your competition to find it - and who do you think he will call in the morning? The one with the answer - because that will be the last web site he visits.

In the conversion program, we will make sure you have all of the information you need to keep them on the site even if we have to write it ourselves!

Creating a Clear Path

Providing one clear path through your site is another one of those things that is done poorly on most web sites. Think of it this way; if you are walking along a path in the woods and you come to a fork in the path what do you do? You hesitate. You feel anxious. You have to decide, but you are not sure which is the best path! When working on improving your conversion rate, the last thing you want to do is introduce hesitation, anxiety, and another decision to make.

We will work on your site to remove any doubt and to clear a path for your visitor to get to the desired end point.

Building Trust

You could buy a TV off the back of a truck parked in an ally and save a pile of money, but you don't. Why? Because you don't trust a guy who would try to sell you a TV that way. In the same way, your web site visitor needs to trust you to buy from you. Using only your web site, your visitor may already feel at a disadvantage. She cannot meet you to shake your hand and look into your eyes to judge your trust worthiness. You must build trust and credibility to overcome her doubt.

Including your full address, and providing multiple ways of contacting you is the first step. Testimonials, case studies, videos, virtual tours, and links to other credible sources of corroborating evidence may be appropriate means of building trust in your situation.

We will help determine which ways are best for you and help you implement them.

Completing the Transaction

This step is critical! Completing the sale must be a smooth process that is as easy as you can possibly make it. If your shopping cart is confusing, or email form too long, or not working correctly, or even seems broken, you may lose the sale even if you have done everything else right.

Back2Front provides a unique service that monitors links and forms each night to ensure that they are never broken. As well, our shopping cart system is the most powerful and configurable in the industry allowing us to customize it in any way necessary to provide smooth, trouble free transactions.

Testing and Tracking

Finally, no one can or should guess their way through this process. Nothing takes the place of testing alternatives and tracking results. This is why the program needs a minimum of 6 months. We need time to collect the data, compare findings, make the indicated changes, and test again to get the best results.


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Conversion Analysis
Web Site Updates
New Pages
Blog Setup
Newsletter Setup
Newsletter Mailings
Competitive Analysis
Article Writing & Submissions
Testing and Tracking
  • Written Reports:
    Each component of the program has a written report associated with it. Reports will be sent nearly every month.
  • Conversion Analysis:
    Conversion Analysis is done at the beginning to evaluate the current conversion potential of the web site, and plan what needs to be accomplished. A second analysis will be done at the end of the program and will be used along with other metrics to measure results.
  • Updates:
    We begin making changes to the web site. The most important updates will be done first. Changes may also be made after the Competitive Analysis is done.
  • New Pages:
    New pages will be added to the web site for the call to action, the Blog, the Newsletter, and Article Writing efforts. As well, new pages may be necessary for Testimonials, case studies, videos, virtual tours, and links to other credible sources for trust building.
  • Competitive Analysis:
    We look at three competitors to provide the information we need to modify your site to compete effectively. We also use it to check your competitive position against the actual competition so you don't leave anything to chance—or to guesswork.
  • Newsletters:
    To build trust, we initiate an e-newsletter with the goal of sending out an issue at least every other month.
  • Article Writing and Submissions:
    We take the articles you write (or that you have us write for you) and submit them to our list of online publications that accept contributions. The articles appearing in your newsletter can be used for this purpose.
  • Blogging:
    We will set up your blog after you have had time to get your newsletter sorted out, since your newsletter will be used to direct readers to your blog.
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