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Don't have the time or the know how to do your own SEO? Our SEO programs make sure it all gets done and done right!

Your best Keywords are relatively rare on the internet and are in low supply, and those that many people are searching for are in high demand.

Search Engine Optimization

Flexible, affordable, and effective SEO!

Included SEO

The following is a list of SEO services Back2Front provides to its clients at no extra cost, as part of its web site management service:
  1. Search Engine-Friendly Technology
    First, we build your site to be search engine-friendly from the start by only using technologies known to be accessible to search engines. This is by no means standard practice in the industry. With other web site companies, if you do not ask for a search engine-friendly site, they will choose the easiest web site development option for them—not the most search engine-friendly option.
  2. Search Engine-Accessible Site Structure and Navigation
    When designing your site, our default practice is to use a site structure and navigation system that search engines can easily follow to index all of your pages properly. We avoid common site structure roadblocks to search engines such as JavaScript or Flash-based navigation, framesets, textless entry pages and splash pages.
  3. SEO Guidance
    We offer SEO guidance during the construction of your site and during major updates when you are asking for something that may have a negative impact on your web site's SEO. You may not know the SEO implications of your requests, but we will tell you so that you can make informed decisions.
  4. Backlinks
    We provide backlinks to your site from our web sites so the search engines can quickly find and index your site once it is published.
  5. Robot Directives Meta Tags
    We add the correct robot directives meta tags to the code of your site.
  6. Descriptive Meta Tags
    We use the text you give us and any other information you provide about your SEO goals to add the standard descriptive meta tags to the code of your site, including keywords, description, audience and geography. We pay particular attention to the TITLE tags for your pages, since they are currently the tags that are most valued by search engines.
  7. Alt Tags
    For all images and other media documents that are not visible to search engines, we include human-readable alt tags so the content of those images is correctly described and can be "understood" by the search engines.
  8. Content Editing for SEO
    At your request, we will help you write your content to add the keywords you think will be most useful in getting you relevant traffic. Alternately, we provide you with writing guidelines so that you can do this yourself if you prefer.
  9. Web Site Hits Statistics Reports
    We will send you monthly statistics reports via email that will allow you to track your traffic and gauge the results of any SEO and marketing efforts you are undertaking.
  10. Statistics Support
    Upon request, we will help you understand your stats and guide you in evaluating the numbers so you can make good decisions for your web site.
  11. Link Checking and Code Validation
    On an ongoing basis, we will maintain your site's code to ensure that its internal links are never broken and that the code is always valid and correct. This will enable the search engines to index all of your content in a correct manner.
  12. Search Engine-Friendly URLs
    We create your web site with URLs that search engines can easily navigate and access.
  13. SEO Tips
    We provide quarterly newsletters full of web site promotion and SEO tips.
  14. SEO White Papers and Articles
    We write numerous articles and white papers on a regular basis and post these on our web site. We will also forward relevant articles to you when you have questions on a topic we have covered.
Extended SEO Programs
If you are serious about increasing your traffic levels through natural search and have a budget for SEO, you may want to consider one of Back2Front's Extended SEO Programs. To learn more, see our Extended SEO Programs page.

Results You Can Expect From Our Included SEO Service
This is a very cost-effective service that will provide a very good starting point for your web site. Many of our clients have never gone further than this and receive thousands of hits per month with our Included Service alone.

Disappointing Results from Third-Party SEO Companies
Several of our clients have opted to pay third-party SEO companies to further the SEO of their web site (most paid $500 just to start). The majority were disappointed with the results, seeing little or no improvement in traffic levels. One of the reasons for this is that a large portion of the fee is applied toward correcting the problems usually found on sites not created by us. Since we have already done this initial work, there is nothing to correct, so there are no more results to be had in this manner.

Our Included SEO Service will ensure that your site will be found and indexed by all of the major search engines within a reasonable time after launch. Your specific traffic levels and placement for certain keyword phrases will vary according to the level of competition in your industry and your location, your other marketing efforts, the size and age of your web site, and other factors. We cannot make any specific promises or guarantees with our basic service level.

If you are looking for a guaranteed SEO service, check out our Extended SEO Programs.

Our Included SEO is a very good starting point for your web site. If you need more help our Extended SEO Programs are the next logical step.