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Don't have the time or the know how to do your own SEO? Our SEO programs make sure it all gets done and done right!

Your best Keywords are relatively rare on the internet and are in low supply, and those that many people are searching for are in high demand.

Search Engine Optimization

Flexible, affordable, and effective SEO!

Extended SEO

Small Business Growth SEO   =>  Budget: Average $150 per month

Guaranteed Placement SEO    =>  Starting at $400 per month

Extended SEO Programs Overview

  1. Our clients are very busy people, and may not have the time to learn about SEO or to manage the ongoing requirements of a successful SEO program.
  2. Most SEO companies charge more per month for SEO than many of our clients pay for their entire web site for a whole year.
Back2Front's SEO programs are designed to bridge the gap and provide an SEO service that:
  • Does not require you to have any SEO knowledge.
  • Demands minimal time investment from you.
  • Has a range of price levels to suit any budget.
You can choose a program and then relax, knowing that the SEO advancement of your web site is being taken care of.

Small Business Growth SEO

Budget: Average $150 per month

The Small Business Growth SEO program moves you up a level from our included SEO service to a more active SEO program. In this program, we examine your site, make recommendations, and then create and work to a schedule that will make sure that all of your bases are covered. You can relax and know that we are working for you to improve your traffic levels. If you don't have time to learn about SEO and are wondering if you are doing the right things with your web site, this is the program for you. We will make sure you are!

Best suited to companies who need to increase their results for natural search but have insufficient time for/knowledge of SEO and a restricted budget.


Month ->   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9101112
Keyword Analysis
Domain Name Purchase
Web Site Analysis
Web Site Updates
New Pages
Link Building
Competitive Analysis

For descriptions of each of this program's components (mentioned in this schedule), see the Search Engine Optimization page.
  • Written Reports:
    Each component of the program has a written report associated with it. In the Small Business Growth SEO program, reports will be sent nearly every month.
  • Keyword Analysis:
    Keyword Analysis is done at the start of the program to set a good foundation for all subsequent work.
  • Web Site Analysis:
    Web Site Analysis is done twice, once at the beginning, to set benchmarks and get a sense of what needs to be accomplished; and at the end to compare benchmarks and plan next steps.
  • Updates:
    Once the Keyword and Web Site Analysis are completed, we will begin making changes to the web site. The most important updates will be done first. Changes may also be made after the Competitive Analysis is done. Updates are spread out in the program to keep the web site fresh. A total of 4 updates are allocated in the budget for the Small Business Growth SEO program. 1 update in month 6, 1 update in month 8, 1 update in month 10, 1 update in month 11.
  • New Pages:
    Six new pages will be added to the web site. These include targeted keyword-rich pages and a page for the Link Building program if needed.
  • Competitive Analysis:
    In the Small Business Growth SEO program, we look at three competitors. This will provide the information we need to modify your site to compete effectively, and to check your competitive position against the actual competition so you don't leave anything to chance—or to guesswork.
  • Link Building:
    We work on link-building tasks two times during the program, spread out over the year.
  • Domain Name Purchase:
    Four keyword-rich domain names will be obtained.
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Guaranteed Placement SEO

Starting at $400 per month, with setup fee of $300
Guaranteed Placement SEO is the program for you if costs are not a concern but guaranteed results are. This program starts at $400 per month but may cost significantly more, depending on the keywords and placement level you would like guaranteed.

The program works like this:
Your web site is guaranteed to attain the placement level specified, for the keywords chosen, for the amount agreed upon each month, or you don't pay.

For example:
  • The keywords could be "Toronto Accountant".
  • The placement in Google may be first or second on the natural search results.
  • The agreed-upon amount could be $550 per month.
You pay the setup fee. We do our thing—and you don't pay any monthly fees until your site appears as the first or second item in the search page results on Google for a search done on the keywords "Toronto Accountant." Once your site attains the goal, you pay $550 each month. If your site slips below second place, you do not pay until we get you back up.

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What Does "Starting At" or "Budget" Mean?

"Starting at" means that this is the minimum cost for this program. For the Guaranteed Placement SEO program, the $400-per-month level may not be available, depending on the keywords you desire. Some keywords are in very high demand and it will take much more work to get your web site placed well.

For the Small Business Growth program, there is a set number of updates, new pages and other components allocated in the budget; however, after our review of your web site, we may discover that there are more changes needed than we have budgeted for within the program. In this situation, we will prioritize and do only the most important/urgent work. You may elect to do more and pay more than the program dictates. As well, according to your situation, you may not need all of the recommended components of the set program (or you may already have them). If this is the case, you will pay less than the program dictates.

Fees for SEO Program Components

All elements of the program are available separately and are charged at the same rate if purchased outside of the program. However, if SEO success is your goal, we recommend that you purchase an SEO program rather than purchasing the components separately, since the components work together and may depend on each other.


Only the Guaranteed Placement SEO program offers any specific results-based guarantee. All other programs operate on a "payment for work done" basis.

The goals for all of the programs are to increase general traffic levels and to boost traffic from visitors you are specifically targeting. Benchmarks of your starting traffic levels, successful keywords, page ranking and page placement will be done at the beginning, and again at different times throughout the program to guide activities and track the results.

Program Duration

Programs are planned out for a year.

Successful SEO requires repeatedly analyzing the web site, targeting keywords, setting goals, and tracking results. SEO efforts must be adapted over time to keep up with the competition, your business realities, and changes in the search engine algorithms. Search engines will quickly devalue a stale, unchanging web site, so the program is designed to make sure that the site is updated on a regular schedule.

Programs are planned out for a year. You can opt out at any time, but programs lasting less than a year are not as effective and very difficult to assess. The results of SEO changes can take months to fully realize, and if the tracking and analysis stop before the effects are all in, the next steps can be difficult to plan.

If you wish to remain in the program beyond the initial schedule, you can continue to pay the monthly fee and keep getting great results. At your program renewal date, we will create a new schedule for the coming year.

Written Reports

To help keep you informed of our efforts and the progress of the program, written reports will be prepared.

What Our SEO Programs Don't Cover

SEO is all about the search engines. Anything that does not concern search engines is not specifically addressed in this program.

This includes:
  • Conversion rates (turning visitors into sales);
  • User interface (how easy it is to use your site);
  • The design of the web site (its look);
  • Functionality (how the shopping cart works, for instance).

All of these things are important, of course—but they are not SEO. To see how you can improve these aspects of your web site see our Conversion page.

Additionally, our programs are concerned with "Natural Search" only. Paid advertising such as pay-per-click, Google Adwords, banner ad programs, etc., are not addressed in our SEO programs. If you are interested in pursuing any of these marketing strategies give us a call - we can help!