Back2Front offers additional related services to our existing clients some of the most popular are listed here.

Opportunities to do more are unlimited!

Need something not listed here? Please contact us!

Optional Extras

Available when and if you need them!

Shopping Carts

Our custom-built Shopping Cart is the most powerful and flexible in the industry. It supports:
  • Regional taxes
  • Custom shipping calculations
  • Payment by cheque or PayPal or other payment gateway
  • Fully customizable items
  • Discounts and vouchers
  • Or any combination of the above
  • Can be customised to match your brand
  • There is nothing this cart can't do!
Cost: Shopping carts cost the same as our regular pages: You will need minimum 3 pages: Cart, Checkout, plus at least one page layout to display your products. How many layout pages you need depends on the number of layouts required to display all your products. You do not need a separate page for each product.

Domain Names

Your web site includes one free domain name.
We can provide additional domain names (aliases) for your web site as well.

Cost: $40/year each

Email Mailboxes

Your web site includes unlimited Email Forwarding. If you need Email Mailboxes instead, we can do that as well! You get a certain amount of Email Mailboxes free: 1 for each page of your web site.

Cost: Additional Email Mailboxes: $25/year each

Photograph and Image Editing

As part of our service, we convert your images to a web compatible format, re-size them as needed, and place them on your site. However, the quality of the images you supply is your responsibility. For our fully Managed clients we will edit imagery at an unbeatable low flat fee.

Cost: $20 per image.

On-site Consulting

On-site consulting visits by members of the Back2Front team to your place of business or other location of your choice, are sometimes available depending on scheduling and location. On-site consulting fees will be added to your monthly statement.

The first 30 minutes of travel time is free, travel time over 30 minutes is charged at $75 per hour. Consultation by phone or email is unlimited and free to our Fully Managed clients.

Cost: $75 per hour spent on site.

Service Updates

Just like your web site, all the above services may require changes in configuration from time to time. And just like web site updates, changes to these related services are charged the same low flat fee no matter what, how big, or how complex the request.

Cost: $20 (handling fee) per request

Social Media

Add your social media links onto your web site. Get help with building and maintaining your Facebook page, Linked In profile, Twitter account, YouTube, Email Newsletters, etc.! These are all considered 3rd-party Hosted Plug-ins, see pricing chart below.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Flexible, Affordable and Effective SEO! At Back2Front we provide several levels of SEO to suit your needs and budget. For a complete overview and all the details please see our Optimization(SEO) page.

Included SEO:
The first level of SEO is provided at no extra charge and is included with our managed web site service. Learn more about Included SEO.

Extended SEO Programs:
We offer 3 additional levels of managed SEO in our Extended SEO Programs Starting at $150 per month. Learn more about Extended SEO.

SEO Components:
Our Extended SEO Programs are made up of several individual components, which along with our regular web site management service, work together to achieve optimal results.
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Web Site Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Link-building
  • Article Submissions
  • Blogging
  • E-Newsletters
You may purchase one or more of these components separately. The fees for each component are the same if purchased together as a program or individually. Learn more about SEO Components.

Secure Pages

Secure pages use encryption to protect information submitted by the user, or content shown to the user. Pre-2015, secure pages were generally critical only if you were collecting information that was highly sensitive to users (social security numbers, passport information, or credit-card numbers, etc.).

The requirement for SSL now is much more important for all sites, as search engines such as Google will penalize your site in the search engine result pages if you do not have an SSL installed.

Given this, Back2Front has institued a policy whereby moving forward all clients will have SSL for their sites, thus making the unique distinction of a secure page unnecessary as all Back2Front managed pages are now secure.

Secure pages use the https protocol, which is implemented using an SSL certificate. Browsers typically identify secure pages with a lock icon.

Password-protected Pages

For the next level of security, password-protected pages require a login to view. Password protection is required by so-called "Extranet" (private) systems and web applications, such as members-only areas, and administrative staff pages.

Password-protected pages are also encrypted as above, and are customized to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and come up with an optimal solution. To see examples of what you can do within the password protected section of your web site see our Enterprise pages.

Setup: Each page: $400
Management: Each page: $200/year
Update Handling: Per request / per page:$20

Custom Programing

If you need to do more online and a plug-in module or software-as-a-service is not available or practical in your case, a custom solution may be right for you. However, this is one item we can't flat rate – sorry. Please contact us, tell us what you need, and if we can't find a pre-made solution, we will provide a quote to build it for you.

Plug-in Module

A plug-in module is a pre-built add-on to a web site. Plug-ins offer password-protected pages through a generic (reusable) solution. There are plug-ins for making appointments, for performing calculations, for organizing events, for blogging... you name it - there is a plug-in for it. Many plug-ins can be embedded into one of the pages on your web site so it appears as a seamless part of your site.

Plug-ins are cost effective alternatives to custom built solutions. Custom-built password-protected pages can be expensive for some applications. If customization is not an issue, but cost is, then a plug-in module may be the ideal solution.

Note: Plug-ins are self-managed (you administer it yourself), non-customizable (apart from some cosmetic/design customizability), and help and support come from online documentation and public forums.

The chart below list the three types of plug-ins and the prices and services available for each type.
Type of Plug-in Basic Advanced 3rd-party Hosted
Examples: Blog
...any other plug-in
...any other SaaS System as a Service = Any plug-in service hosted by a 3rd party. Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service
Installation: This includes account setup, plug-in files upload, installation wizard, and any additional steps required to obtain a working administrative control panel with a login and password.Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service $50 $250 -
Configuration: This includes any additional work done within the administrative control panel to meet requirements up to the point of delivering a login and password. Note: Does not include migration from another site / plug-in.Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service - $250 $250
Hosting: Service begins on the date of the login and password being delivered, and is charged annually in advance. Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service $25/year $100/year -
Support requests: All other support requests, training, and basic / administrative updates are charged per instance.

Note: Does not include creating / editing graphics, back-end customizations, content creation / technical writing, or coding.
Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service
$20 each $20 each $50 each
Content creation: Includes requests for content creation, technical writing, and basic coding for a single page / template.Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service $50 each $50 each $50 each
Sub-domain: A sub-domain can be set up to point to the plug-in, providing easy access separate from your web site. This service is available only for domains that we manage.Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service Free! Free! -
Troubleshooting: Troubleshootng support is free for service outages, service limitations, and quoting for additional work.Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service Free! Free! -
Conditional warranty: A 30-day conditional warranty is available for advanced plug-in installation and configuration work:

  • Payment for setup work is required up front.
  • We install and configure the desired plug-in, and provide a login and password to access it.
  • If the plug-in fails to meet the original requirements, you have 30 days from the date of the login and password being delivered, to request cancellation and receive a full refund for the installation and configuration work.
  • Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service
    - 30 days -

    Migration from other site / plug-in: Contact Us for quote
    Back-end customization: Contact Us for quote

    If you need to do more with your web site there are examples and more information about the various plug-ins available in our Enterprise Section.