Update Examples:
  1. If you call us and say "I need my phone number changed on my web site." We will make the change and charge you a $20 update fee.
  2. You send us an email that asks for several changes to one page only. We will make all of the updates on that page and charge you one $20 fee.
  3. You send an email asking for a change on your Home page, an addition to your About Us page, and several changes to your Services page. We will do the work and charge you 3 x $20 or $60.
  4. You send one email in the morning asking for a change to your home page. Then in the afternoon you send another email asking for a revision to that change. We will do the work, then do the work again, and charge you 2 x $20 or $40.
  5. You send us a series of emails within a few hours starting with one email that says many more emails are coming, each of which have photos attached to them all intended to be added to your Gallery page. We add all of the images to your gallery, and charge you a $20 fee.
  6. You ask to have an email address that is not printed on your web site changed from ann@yourcompany.com to gail@yourcompany.com. We will make the change and charge you a $20 update fee.
  7. You send us a new logo to put in the header of your web site. This header shows up on all pages of your web site. We will add the logo to your header and charge you $20 x the number of pages in your site.
  8. You ask for a redesign of your site. You send one of our designers some new pictures for the header, a new logo, you specify the new colours you want and suggest a font change. You talk to the designer about your ideas for the new design. She sends you a picture of what she comes up with for your approval. You love it - one of the developers then implements the new design. We charge you $20 per page on your site.
  9. As above but you do not like the first design sent to you and you ask for a revision. You like the second one better but ask for a few changes. You love the 3rd design. We implement the 3rd design and charge you $20 per page of your web site plus 2 x $20 revision fees.

Yes that's right!
Redesign for as little as $20/page!


Finally, it's easy to keep a current web site!

It is very important that your web site be kept up to date. Your visitors will not return to a site that contains old information, and search engines rate active web sites higher than stale ones. At Back2Front we provide a service to make regular content updating easy and inexpensive.

Update Charges

Our availability to handle updates quickly and efficiently is covered by the on-going management fee. We only charge a low, flat, per-update handling fee. Most updates are completed within 2-4 business days, although often updates are done within hours; complex updates may take longer.

Some of our existing clients initially thought that having a per-update fee would get expensive, but they were convinced of the excellent value received for their money after a few months on the system. In fact we have many clients who have moved their site to Back2Front specifically for our unique update service.

Compare our flat-rate handling fee to our competitors' by-the-hour charges: To determine how much changes will cost by-the-hour, you need to know how long they will take to complete, and then multiply that by $50/hr or more. In contrast, with our update model, you always know in advance that every update request will cost exactly $20 for each page it affects. What could be easier?

What is Considered an Update?

Updates are handled on a per instance / per-page basis. This means that any changes you want to make at one time to a page, from a single word to the entire page, are considered one update. As well, updates to any related services provided by Back2Front (such as domain name changes, email configuration, custom statistics reports, etc) are charged the same low handling fee.


Photographs or other graphics may be updated occasionally as well. Send us your best quality photographs in high-resolution format for the best results. Making your photos web-ready is part of our service - photo editing is extra. See our 'Extras' page in the 'How Much?' section for details.

What Is The Best Way To Send Us Your Changes?

You can call or, better yet, send us an email whenever you would like to make changes to your site. Email allows you to be specific about text updates, and provide attachments. By using attachments you can send us text or images in a variety of popular formats. We will take care of the coding and formatting needed to get the changes on-line. Make the instructions about changes as clear and complete as possible to avoid delay.

Website Redesign

Thinking of redesigning your website but not sure where to start? Here are some steps to help you get started.
  1. Send us your ideas, documents or examples of any sites that you like the look of.
  2. We discuss with you what you are looking for, either by phone or email.
  3. Once we're all on the same page with the look and feel you're going for, we will then implement the new design to a single page for $20, and send it to you to review.
  4. If you love it, we'll implement the same style on the remaining pages for the low price of $20 per page.
  5. If you want additional changes made to the design before the rest of the site is updated, that's perfectly ok! Just let us know what design changes you'd like implemented and we'll update the one page example with the new changes for $20.
  6. We can go through steps 4 & 5 as many times as you'd like, until the example page is exactly what you're looking for.
  7. Only when you're 100% satisfied with the new design will we update the remaining pages on the site for the low price of $20 per page.
  8. You let us know how much you love the new site and we smile knowing we made our customer happy!

Here is an example:

  1. We start with an existing 5 page website.
  2. You want an updated look, so we create the first version on one page for $20.
  3. You request a revision then after we complete it you request another, so now that's $20 per page x 2.
  4. You confirm that you now like the redesign!
  5. We go ahead and update the remaining 4 pages at $20 per page.
  6. The total for the redesign is: $20 x 7 = $140.