The term "Setup" refers to the initial creation and placement of your web site's pages on the Internet.

It includes, but is not limited to, a new design, a redesign, or transfer of an existing design. It also applies when adding a new page after your web site goes live. There is a one-time per-page fee associated with setting up your web site with Back2Front.


Get ready, get set, put it up!

What Can be Included in a Page?

It does not matter how long pages are, what kind of content is in each page, or when the page is added. The fee will be the same. It does not matter how much time or effort is required or how complicated the content is. The fee will be the same. You will be in complete control of the setup fee by deciding how many pages you want on your site. Update handling fees apply if you request revisions of the content that you have provided to us.

What's Covered by the Setup Fee?

Everything that is part of the initial creation of the web site, or the creation of each new page, is considered part of setup. Yes! Everything needed to create the web site you want is included... OK, here's a list:
  • One domain name registration or transfer, plus help with any Domain Name Service (DNS) issues.
  • An attractive, functional, search engine friendly, web site design that you will love!
  • Web site content consultation, writing, editing, and organizing.
  • Image resizing, scanning, optimization, and stock photography.
  • The setup of email services.
  • Technical support for more complicated content (video, animation, sound, etc.).
  • Anything else that's not an ongoing service. Really!
To see the list of ongoing services, please see our Management page.

How do Approvals Work?

First, your new web site will be set up in a private development area. You will be given a link to your "test" site so that you can review, proofread, and approve the site before it is made public.

If you already have a web site, your old site can be left as is until you are happy with your new one. That way, you won't be without a web site at any point during the process, nor will you be embarrassed by a web site made public without your approval.

Setup can be done one page at a time

In fact, we encourage you to make each page public as it is completed. The overall price you pay will be the same whether you wait until all of your pages are ready to be published at once or if you publish them as they are completed. There are several advantages to publishing your content as soon as you have it:
  • The search engines will see a site that has new content each time it spiders the site and will flag your site as being "active". (This is good).
  • The search engines and your clients will have some content to see as soon as possible. (Essential!)
  • You will not have to devote a large chunk of your valuable time all at once to getting the web site finished. You can schedule the web site work around your other duties.
  • You can use the input you get from visitors who see your first pages to help determine priorities and content for the additional pages.

What is considered a page?

Usually a page is represented by a link on the menu. Examples are: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Our Products.

What about my product catalogue? It has hundreds of items. Does that mean I have to pay for hundreds of pages?

Not usually. Product catalogues, portfolios, listings, directories, and the like can often be rendered in just a few pages.

For example:
  • One page lists the categories of products available.
  • Clicking on a category then brings up a 2nd page that displays a short description and a small picture of each product in the category.
  • Clicking on one of those pictures then presents a 3rd page that provides the details for that product and a larger picture.
Total: 3 pages.

Note: The quality of your images is your responsibility. Resizing of images is included in the price—editing is not.

Please ask us for more details if you are unsure of the number of pages you will require. We can advise you how best to represent your products or services online.