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Staff Portal Tools



Organize schedules, set up meetings, set up reminders and alerts. Keep everyone in the company informed and connected in the office and on the road, with online calendar solutions.
Document Management

Document Management

Collaborate on document creation, manage permissions and approvals, centralize and organize important documents, and provide access to all the information your staff needs from anywhere on earth.

Forums, Wikis and Opinion Polls

Discussions, feedback opportunities, and collaboratively created knowledge repositories, encourage employee participation and increase job satisfaction. They can also be a nearly endless source of ideas for innovation and process improvement. Online tools provide easy, quick, and (when appropriate) anonymous, opportunities for your staff to express themselves.
Contact Management

Contact Management

Contact management is the life blood of your sales force and your client retention efforts. Make sure no-one slips through the cracks with a centralized online system that everyone can access anytime.
Project Management

Project Management

Manage multiple projects and teams with a centralized online project management system. Simply assign tasks and keep track, or manage complex projects with elaborate inter-relationships. Create tasks, set deadlines and task dependencies, delegate responsibilities, get notifications and everyone can track progress from anywhere.

HR Performance and Management

With online tools, your staff can set and view collective goals, get continuous feedback and instant recognition. Staff members always knows where they stand and will be accountable for achieving company goals. In addition, staff from all over the world can be evaluated fairly and consistently from office to office - team to team.
Tool Box

Custom Tools for your Staff?

With online tools custom built for your staff, you can do anything your specific organization requires! Ask us to help you with ideas and advice. Building custom web tools is what we do for fun!

Client Portal Tools


Appointment Setting

Allow your clients to view availability and set their own appointment times! Set up class schedules and space allocations - automatic reminders and "class full/cancelled" announcements. Keep your clients informed and connected and offload some of the work to them - they'll love it!
Document Transfer and Collaboration

Document Transfer and Collaboration

Share documents and collaborate with your clients, let your clients upload documents and transfer large files, and save on postage and printing, by offering your client a way to send/receive/edit - online.

Forums, Chat, Opinion Polls

Allow your clients to support each other using discussion forums. Collect customer feedback with opinion polls. Help them live with online chat! Online tools like these provide easy, quick, and, when appropriate, anonymous opportunities for your clients to get help and express themselves.
Client Support

Client Account Access

Let your clients manage their own contact information, manage their preferences and how they wish to be contacted. Let them see their billing statements and payment history, order tracking, usage statistics, wish lists, etc. Increase client satisfaction and retention, and reduce service costs with secure online transparency.


If your product or service needs training support, save time and money by providing some or all of the training online.
Help Desk

Help Desk and Support Ticketing

Offer your clients support 24/7 with online support ticketing systems and support center. Providing a standardized way for your clients to ask for service helps your staff meet their needs quicker and more effectively. Offering an online help centre with FAQs, tutorials, videos, etc., can reduce costs and increase client satisfaction with 24/7 access.
Tool Box

Custom Tools for your Clients?

With online tools custom built for your clients, you can offer them anything your specific organization can provide! Ask us to help you with ideas and advice. Building custom web tools is what we do for fun!
If you're asking the question: "How can our company take better advantage of the Internet?" then, Back2Front Enterprise is the answer!

The web is not just for marketing. It can also be an effective operations tool - available online, from anywhere, at anytime! Streamline business processes, communicate and collaborate company wide, centralize documents, serve clients better... The list of opportunities to improve the way you do business using online tools is limited only by your imagination!

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