Back2Front's Ongoing Website Management Service includes everything you need for a successful website. You do not need to understand or be concerned about any of the items listed; we take care of it all for you!

This is by no means all the services that we provide, if you need something not mentioned here, just ask.

Just tell us what you need your web site to do—and we will make it happen!
What Our Clients Say...
Back2Front Portfolio Client - Heritage Memoirs
I just wanted to thank you again for your work on my website. I've had so many compliments. It's robust, yet simple and easy to read and navigate.
Jennifer Campbell
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Service Details

What do you need your web site to do?

Website Redesign

Do you need to modernize, change, improve or expand your website? Then you may want to consider a redesign. Send us your ideas, documents or examples of any sites that you like and we can work on a redesign for you.
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Content Development

Our editors help with the creation, assembly, and organization of your content to develop a professional, comprehensive, user–friendly web site. At any time, you can add or remove text, images, or even whole pages while maintaining a consistent, well–organized, and professional–looking web site.

Service includes: Unlimited content, technical writing, user interface, proofreading, editing, content organization, site navigation, page layout, and consulting.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is included in our service. We use various cutting–edge ranking and optimization tools and techniques to get your web site indexed and ranked well by the major search engines as soon as possible after your site goes live.
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Statistics Reports

Hit Statistics reports are provided monthly and contain detailed, comprehensive and accurate statistics on the performance of your web site, including explanations.
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Flat–fee Updates

We look after all updates to your web site and related services. The work we do to complete updates is covered by the management fee—only a flat per–request, per–page handling fee is charged to cover the administration of each request. Updates are completed quickly and efficiently. Updates of any type (text, images, forms, links, etc.) are all priced the same, regardless of size, type, or the time taken to complete. Also, see below for Web Site Self–updates.
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Site Validation and Maintenance

Never have a broken link on your site! We check for broken links and many other behind–the–scenes technical issues that may affect the performance of your web site, and we automatically fix any issues we find, before they become problems. You don't have time to be checking your web site every day for problems—that's what we're here for!

Service includes: Broken link checking, site monitoring, browser compatibility testing, code validation, response times, form functionality, uptime, hardware and software upgrades.
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Web Hosting

All of our web sites are hosted on our own servers for complete control, accountability, security and reliability. There is no restriction on the disk space or bandwidth utilization of your web site. Our servers are redundant and feature automatic failover to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Service includes: Space and bandwidth as needed, redundant servers, automatic failover, and nightly backups.
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Website Self Updates

For some types of standardized updates, we can create customized forms specifically designed to enable you to post your own content quickly and easily, while maintaining the consistency and professional look of your web site. No training required!

Domain Name Management

One free domain name of your choice is included; we can register a new domain for you or transfer an existing one. We can also look after additional domains for your site as needed.

Service includes: Registration or transfer, renewal, configuration, and DNS—all fully–managed.
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Email Service

As part of our domain name service, we can provide you with email addresses with your domain name—such as ""—and forward them to your existing email account.

Service includes: Unlimited email forwarding service. Other email solutions are available as well.
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Technical Support

Consultation and ongoing service is always available. We answer all your web site technical questions. Real people to help you.

Submission Forms

We can provide custom forms and interactive pages with whatever functionality you need, including field validation, email submission, and custom programming. You can collect data from your visitors, have them sign up for newsletters, take surveys, solicit feedback, and more.


Want to sell online? We can hook you up: shopping carts, PayPal integration, "buy–now" buttons, subscriptions, donations, gift certificates.... We will advise you on the best solution for your needs, and then make it happen.
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Database Tables

Product catalogues, portfolios, listings, directories, event calendars...If you have large amounts of data to organize and display on your web site, we can use databases to manage it. Just let us know what you need your web site to do, and we will make it happen.


We have many additional services are available to our customers. Check out our extras page.
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