Jobs at Back2Front
Back2Front is one of the few web site management companies successfully in business for more than a few years. We attribute our success to the care and attention we provide to each of our clients and our high standards for quality and responsiveness.

Providing excellence requires top-notch team members. If you get satisfaction from a job well done, and sloppiness is just not in your vocabulary, then you could have what it takes to be a part of our team and we want to hear from you!

From our staff...

Working for Back2Front is a liberating experience for me. I make my own hours and work from any place at any time of day. Support between team members is encouraged, creating a very personable environment uncommon in the work-from-home model. Positive feedback & gentle constructive criticism along with timely promotions make me feel valued & respected. Monthly meetings & training sessions are fun, yet professional & valuable. Since joining the team, I've enhanced my skills dramatically, increasing my knowledge of optimal code for databases, shopping carts & SEO. Back2Front is a highly efficient & friendly work environment.
Patricia Morrison, BA Multimedia Design
Working for Back2Front has been a very rewarding experience for me. The hours are flexible and I work from my home office, which is perfect for any parent. The on-going training and monthly staff meetings are exceptionally helpful and educational (and fun!). I can't imagine working for anyone else!
Louise Jorgensen, Project Manager
I have enjoyed working with Back2Front, much more than on my own. I appreciate the flexibility and the variety of work. When I want to be challenged and can spend the time, the opportunity is there. I find when we have our meetings and training days, I am both inspired to do more and enjoy the teamwork atmosphere and the source of knowledge within the team. There doesn't seem to be the politics you get in large corporations and we can be productive and get along and use each other's strengths for the good of the service we provide our clients. I am impressed with the brilliance and business savy you and Candace have put into the company and its business model in an industry that is highly competitive and difficult to make its mark. But with your continued focus of marketing the company, you have definitely put Back2Front on the map!
Carla Harrison, Developer
I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with Back2Front - it's been such an awesome experience so far. I appreciate the time/training invested in me to help me become more capable. I'm learning more all the time, and becoming more efficient day-by-day. I find it easy to be committed to a company that is managed so well and treats their employees kindly. Looking forward to the future at B2F, here's to a great year!
Trevor Gingerich, Editor

Jobs at Back2Front

Work from home, part time, on contract


  1. You will be providing service as an independent contractor, on your own schedule, with your own equipment (broadband Internet connection, work-ready computer, phone). You will be invoicing Back2Front for hours worked and marketing expenses (if applicable) twice a month (1st and 16th).
  2. Number of hours worked depends on your availability, skill-set range, available work, and perhaps most importantly: your performance. High quality, high performance individuals work as much (or as little) as they want to.
  3. Starting rate through training and probation period is $15/hour. The rate will increase commensurate with performance.
  4. Please note, we are currently only accepting applicants in the Greater Toronto Area.
  5. To apply, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Positions Available

Web Site Developer
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Back2Front is continually on the lookout for part-time work-from-home applicants to help with web development and maintenance work, content editing, and design. This job is ideal for stay-at-home parents, or anyone wanting to avoid the daily commute, as the hours are very flexible, and you only need a computer with an Internet connection to be able to work from home.


  • Your written English skills must be immaculate: Spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, flow, organization, formatting, style, consistency, etc.
  • You must have demonstrable expertise in at least one of the following areas:
    • Programming / Web Development
    • Graphic Design with Photoshop
    • Marketing and Public Speaking
  • Some technical web development background knowledge is needed: HTML, CSS, browsers, editing software, client/server model, FTP, email.
  • Additional related skills are an asset. We will certainly want to take advantage of any additional skills or interests you have: Customer service, SEO, Javascript/jQuery, Perl, Linux...
  • The make-or-break attributes of any successful candidate are:
    • Attention to detail / quality of work
    • Independence, time management
    • Responsiveness and communications

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