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  • I Just Wanna Go Home
    • Since the inception of the internet, a lot has changed but one thing remains the same, a "home" page. We are occasionally asked our opinion by clients on whether they should add a home link or not on their website.

      Our answer is...
  • Your Mobile Customers Are Special People
    • The number of people viewing websites from mobile devices is increasing at a dramatic rate but traditional websites do not render well on mobile devices.

      Learn more about Your Mobile Customers.
  • Work Less with Social Media Management Tools
    • Are you tired of posting the same content over and over to social media? Having trouble remembering your many usernames and passwords? Here are some free social media tools that can help you get more with less work.

      Learn more about Social Media Management Tools.
  • Using Facebook for Business
    • Should you use Facebook to promote your business? If you find yourself wondering what kind of Facebook presence, if any, your company should have, here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you figure out your strategy.

      Learn more about Using Facebook to Promote Your Business.
  • Mini Case Studies Can Help Boost Your SEO
    • Looking for some ideas on how to add good, useful content to your web site while improving SEO? Mini case studies might be an ideal solution, especially if you're short on time.

      Learn more about How Mini Case Studies Can Help Boost Your SEO.
  • The Value of a Fully-Managed Web Site Service
  • What is CAPTCHA?
    • A CAPTCHA is a test that websites can use in order to block ‘bots' (automated programs that repetitively spam a website with repeated submissions of various content). CAPTCHA's come in a variety of forms, some more effective than others.

      Learn more about CAPTCHA and if you need one.
  • Writing Good Case Studies
    • If you're looking to communicate information about your business in a compelling and relatable way, consider posting some real-life customer success stories on your web site. Case studies can help you explain how your product or service can be used to achieve a particular goal or solve a problem.

      Learn more about Writing Good Case Studies.
  • Why Flash and Touch Screens Don't Mix
    • Think a 'Flashy' redesign of your web site will help attract more visitors? You may want to reconsider your strategy. A Flash-driven site could actually be an obstacle to getting more web site traffic – especially if you're trying to reach people who access your site using their iPads and other touch screen mobile devices.

      Learn more about Why Flash and Touch Screens Don't Mix.
  • Emailing on the Go
    • Keep up with your business emails while you're on the go, while making it look like you're still sitting at your office computer.

      Learn more about Emailing on the Go.
  • Getting the Menu Bar Right
    • What is the best option for your menu bar? Placing your navigation system (menu bar) down the left side of the page is the best option for several reasons.

      Learn more about Getting the Menu Bar Right.
  • Using Social Media for Business
    • You can stop feeling guilty. If you are not already using social networking on a social level, it is probably not the best way for you to promote your business.

      Learn more about Using Social Media for Business.
  • How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Web Site?
    • It is useful to think of buying a web site as similar to buying a car. Many new web site owners really have no idea how much to budget for a web site. Larger companies often pay way too much, while smaller ones often try to get away with paying too little.

      Find out How Much You Should Expect to Pay for a Web Site.
  • Why Redesign Your Web Site?
    • It is a common misconception that a redesign (changing the look of a web site) will improve a site's performance. The questions we hear most about redesign (besides cost) at Back2Front are:
      1. Will a redesign help me get more clients?
      2. Will a redesign help my site's SEO?
      3. My marketing guy says I need a redesign to improve conversion rates. Will this work?
      Read Why Redesign Your Web Site? to find out the answer to these questions.
  • What Exactly Are Keywords?
    • How should keywords be used in a web site? Keywords, and how they are used, are often misunderstood, and we get lots of questions about them at Back2Front.

      Learn more about How To Use Keywords on Your Web Site.
  • The Case for Web Site Outsourcing
    • Until recently, larger companies (75-plus employees) assumed that a full marketing and IT department would be a necessary overhead expense and that these departments would manage the company web site on a joint basis. Due to recent economic conditions, businesses across the country have found it necessary to cut back on overhead. Marketing and IT departments have been slashed. Outsourcing the company web site is now a necessity.

      But really, outsourcing was always the better choice...

      Read more about The Case for Web Site Outsourcing.
  • The Home Page
    • Making your most important page count. Your home page is crucial because it is the page on which visitors make the following decision: Is this web site relevant? If your home page does not supply the information you think a potential client will need in order to decide to stay on the site, in a way that can be easily and quickly assimilated, then your home page has failed its most important task.

      Learn more about The Importance of Your Home Page.
  • Is Your Web Site Good For Your Company?
    • How do you determine whether your web site is good for your company? By first answering the question: "Why do you have a web site?" Knowing why you have a web site in the first place will go a long way in helping you decide what kind of web site you need, or whether or not the site you already have is good for your business.

      Read more about How To Know If Your Web Site Is Good For Your Company.
  • Email Spam
  • Responsive Web Design
    • One of the great strengths of digital media is its ability to display identical content in different ways with just a few instructions. In fact, if there are no formatting instructions at all for how to display text, the text of a web site will wrap according to the size of the display divice. In other words, by default web sites are responsive. In recent years, however, sites have become more graphical and are design for specific widths. This has caused some problems for mobile users...

      Learn more about Responsive Web Design.
  • Size Matters
    • The superficial, design-centric "TV" idea, that web sites are for flashy, passive entertainment and that no one actually reads anymore, is dangerous for business web sites.

      Learn more about Why Web Site Size Matters.
  • Fonts for Web Sites
    • Unlike documents fit for print, web sites cannot be formatted with complete rigidity. Nowhere is this principle more clearly observed than in the selection of fonts a web designer may choose for a site.

      Read more about Choosing Fonts for Web Sites.
  • Web Site Navigational Systems
    • This article covers the seven rules to help you avoid the most common web site mistakes, which include the improper use of hyperlinks and poorly-designed navigational systems.

      Learn more about Web Site Navigational Systems.
  • Web Site Navigation: Avoid Using 'Click Here'
  • Web Site Navigation: The Peril of In-Page Links
    • Linking to other pages on your site is essential, but if you're using in-page links, you may want to re-think your strategy for user-friendliness reasons.

      Read morea about Why You Should Avoid In-Page Links.
  • Focus for Success!
    • The Back2Front business model is used as an example to illustrate how keeping your focus and turning away less-than-ideal clients can increase your chances of success. From a speech given at the BWNA Durham's networking meeting in 2005.

      Learn more about how you can Focus for Success.
  • Writing for the Web: Catering to Web Surfer Types
    • There are two basic types of "web surfers," or human visitors to your web site: scanners and researchers. Although the needs of these two types of surfers may appear to be diametrically opposed, there is no need to sacrifice one for the other. Both types of surfers can result in new business if you know how to write your web site content to appeal to them.

      Learn more about Catering to Web Surfer Types With Your Web Content.
  • The Art and Science of Choosing a Domain Name
    • Part One of our Domain Name Series talks about how choosing a domain name is one of the first tasks one must undertake when getting a new web site. The name you choose could have a significant impact on the future success of the web site, and as a result, on your business. But as with other marketing decisions, this choice is made with more art than science.

      Read more about The Art and Science of Choosing a Domain Name.
  • Domain Scooping: Don't Get Fooled!
    • In the second part of our Domain Name Series, we learn that for most people, domain name registration and renewal is something done only rarely (once per year, max), so the details of the registration could easily be forgotten in the interval. Unscrupulous companies can take advantage of this if you are not aware.

      Learn more about how you can protect yourself from Domain Scooping.
  • Using Multiple Domain Names
    • Did you know that it is possible to have any number of domain names pointing to the same web site? In part three of our Domain Name Series, we talk about how you can have all of your domain names point to your home page (which is most common), or in some cases, it may make sense to point them to sub-pages of your site.

      Learn more about Using Multiple Domain Names.
  • Human / Computer Interface Concepts
    • We have come a long way from the punch card interface – thank heavens! Along the way, we have learned a few things about how humans interact with computers: how we learn, associate one thing with another, and notice and use clues to find our way.

      Learn more about Human / Computer Interface Concepts.
  • Branding is for Pickles
    • Do you need to re-brand your company and web site? No one comes to your web site because it looks good – they can't tell what it looks like until they get there!

      Learn more about why Branding is for Pickles.
  • SEO Demystified: The Players
    • You know you have to optimize your web site for the search engines – but the whole thing is very mysterious. In part one of our SEO Demystified Series, we look at who the main players are, what are their motivations, how search engines actually work, and what really matters.

      Learn more about The Players In Search Engine Optimization.
  • SEO Demystified: The Rules
  • SEO Demystified: Roadblocks to Search Engines
    • In part three of our SEO Demystified Series, we talk about how search engines can be prevented from ever getting to your site, and how they can be restricted from finding parts of your web site if bad web development practices are in place. This results in poor search engine ranking and low natural search traffic levels.

      Learn more about How to Avoid Adding Roadblocks to Search Engines On Your Site.
  • Website Hacking and Prevention: Who, How, and Why?
    • In part one of Website Hacking and Prevention, we look at the people behind and reasons for website hacking. We will also discuss the different types of cyber attacks, how your website may become exposed to such an attack, and why your site may be targeted in the first place.

      Learn more about how and why your website is a target.
  • Website Hacking and Prevention: Secure & Recover
    • In part two of Website Hacking and Prevention, we look at some of the best practices that should be used to increase the security of your website against cyber attacks as well as the process for repairing / recovering your website if it has already been hacked.

      Learn more about website security, recovery, and cyber attack prevention best practices.
  • Clearing Your Browser Cache
    • Each time you access a file through your web browser it caches (stores) the file so that it doesn't have to keep retrieving the same files or images each time you visit the page.

      Learn more about how to clear your cache....
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