If you're looking for a way to capture your visitors' attention and keep them on your website, give these new techniques a try!

Use multimedia carefully to attract attention to your product or service - not just to show off the skill of your web designer!


Add pizazz to your web site!

Video, Virtual Tours, Slide Shows, and Animations can add immeasurably to your web site visitor's experience. If done well, they can demonstrate or describe your offerings more completely and compellingly than mere words or even still photos could ever do. We have experts on our team that can bring your web site to life by creating multimedia elements and adding them to your web site.


Animations are a fun way to make your web site unique and interesting. The original way with animated gifs was to use a series of drawings (images) that were displayed one after another in sequence. This gave the illusion of movement on a web page. Then Flash became popular, but has now mostly been replaced by JavaScript and jQuery since they are faster to create and edit, are much more browser compatible, and do not require the visitor to have a plug-in installed. jQuery is used here to create the flying Dragonfly and the bouncing balls.

To Canada's 300th Birthday!!

Slide Shows

A quick and easy way to add pizazz to your web site is to add a slide show of images that automatically change as the page is being viewed. You see them in the headers of many web sites, in ads, and in any place on a web site where displaying multiple images makes sense.

The slide show can fade from image to image, slide across the screen, dissolve into the next image, or behave in any number of other interesting ways. We can set up a slide show on your web site that is not Flash based so it shows up on most browsers perfectly - even mobile devices. And it is simplicity itself to add/remove images any time you wish. Here is an example of a slide show!

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Example Slideshow With Linked Text
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Example Slideshow With Linked Buttons
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Video is not as expensive or as difficult as you might expect, and using YouTube to promote your company by linking your video back to your web site can get you more well-targeted traffic than you thought possible. Also, there is nothing better to explain and/or demonstrate a product that is new to the market, difficult to explain, or hard to distinguish from its competitors than a well-shot video.

See an example here on our client's web site Rodman's Heating. We can help you get your video shot, edited, added to your web site and marketed on YouTube. Just give us a call!
Background Video
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Virtual Tours

With the new Virtual Tour technology available, we are now providing our web site clients with beautiful high resolution 360 degree views of their location that can be linked to a map so viewers virtually "walk through" the space like never before!

If you have a spa, hotel, bed and breakfast, retail store, gym, dance studio, or any product or service that would benefit from showing off your premises, a Virtual Tour is the product for you! A photographer will come to your location and take a series of high resolution photographs. (You get to keep all the photos on a CD).

Software then stitches the photos together in a panoramic 360 degree tour of your premises! If your premises are large, you can have the tour linked to a detailed map (like you see in malls) so that viewers can virtually explore your store in any way they want.

You even get a mobile version for your mobile web site. It looks fantastic!

If you want a Virtual Tour for your web site - just ask. It costs much less than you may think! Here's an example of one of our client's Virtual Tour.


Sometimes, adding sound to a web site is appropriate. A musical group, a singer, or a concert promotion are good examples. As well, recordings of the articles you have written, parts of your book read out loud, or a seminar you conducted could interest prospects in your writing, or help to establish you as an expert in your field. As well, if you do radio advertising, you could include your ads on your web site - getting more value for your advertising dollars.

Back2Front - The Website People   Here are some examples of fun recordings we made.
Fat Labs Radio
Don Cherry
Darth Vader


Displaying your photographs in an attractive, easy to use, and cross browser compatible manner is essential if your company offers a product or service that depends on a visual impact. Landscape designers, interior designers, organizers, renovators, kitchen cabinetry installers, etc., and of course, artists, are well suited to use web site galleries.

Galleries can be done in any number of interesting ways and we know them all. If you need a gallery for your web site, give us a call! We will help you decide the best way to present your offering in a gallery. Below is an example of a simple gallery.


The ways to add pizazz to your web site are limited only by your imagination. If you have seen it somewhere else, we can do it for you!