Marketing through social media can result in a significant increase in your sales by new leads and up-selling current clients. You are probably not taking full advantage of this marketing option.

We understand! Who has the time?

Social Media

Your company can be more sociable!

We work with you to develop a Social Media marketing strategy designed specifically to help meet your company's goals. Then we help you execute it!

You can participate as much or as little as you prefer and we will take care of the rest. You will get monthly reports that detail the activities, progress to date, and measure the results of the campaign. Your individually-tailored strategy may include any number or combination of the following:

Social Media


Using Facebook as a business tool is not for every type of business. Facebook is most effective for companies that are selling directly to consumers or those that hold events regularly. You can reach out to your customers or attendees in a friendly and informal way and benefit from the "virtual word of mouth" marketing that Facebook fosters.

Facebook is also a great place to get immediate feedback on new ideas, products, or promotions you are planning. We can help you set up a company Facebook page, link it to your web site, and help you with content creation and strategic planning.


LinkedIn is the place where business and professionals connect. If you sell B2B or if you are looking to hire a professional, LinkedIn is your platform. Using LinkedIn effectively requires planning, know-how, and consistent effort. Back2Front can help you create and manage a LinkedIn campaign customized to fit your business objectives.


For those of you who love to write or who have a large customer base that would benefit from hearing from you regularly and have the ability to comment or ask questions, then a blog may be just the right thing for you. Back2Front can easily and quickly set you up with a blog that either links back to your web site or is built right in to your site.

We can also help with content; however we recommend that you think twice about a blog unless your company can devote some serious time to the effort. A blog is only as useful at its last post.

YouTube and Video

Video is not as expensive or as difficult as you might expect, and using YouTube to promote your company by linking your video back to your web site can get you more well-targeted traffic than you thought possible. Also, there is nothing better to explain and/or demonstrate a product that is new to the market, difficult to explain, or hard to distinguish from its competitors than a well-shot video. We can help you get your video shot, edited, and marketed on YouTube. Just give us a call!


Twitter is probably one of the most difficult of the social networking mediums for most companies to take advantage of. Only appropriate in some narrow circumstances, but very effective in such cases. Call us and we will help you decide if your company should be tweeting!

Email Marketing

Sometimes called "Email Blasting", "E-blast", "Email Marketing" or even "Emarketing", whatever you call it, sending an email message to a list of recipients for the purposes of marketing to them is part of a good social media strategy and often the first one we recommend to our clients.

Keeping the clients you already have, and moving new leads through the selling process (especially when the selling cycle is long), is essential to business success. You work hard to get clients and more leads so make the most of your efforts and keep them in the loop with an email newsletter.

We can help you create an email campaign that meets your goals. We create a newsletter template that matches your web site, help you upload your contact list, add an email sign-up form to your web site, and even help with writing and scheduling your mailings.

Using our Partner Constant Contact, we can help you to manage your list, avoid sending duplicate messages, provide an easy and fail safe opt-out facility, and keep track of your results with comprehensive statistics reports. As well, Constant Contact helps keep your "open rate" high by avoiding spam filters and providing tips and tests to ensure your emails are conforming to best practices. Get started with email marketing now!


The social media arena is ever changing with new platforms and options appearing almost daily. If you are feeling left out, bewildered, and worried that you are missing something - stop worrying! Call us and we will make sure you don't miss a thing!
If you're not sure how to make social media work for your company, or lack the time or staff to dedicate to a social media campaign, then our Social Media Service can help!
Use Facebook to get immediate feedback on new ideas, products, or promotions you are planning.
If you sell a visual, hard-to-explain, or needs-to-be-seen product, having a video on your web site can make the difference between selling or sinking!
Are you still sending paper newsletters to your clients? Try email marketing! It's eco friendly with nothing to print, no stamps to buy, no envelopes to stuff, and no paper cuts!