Content Management Systems

Although content management systems are very popular, using a standard CMS may not be the best option for your company. At Back2Front we wonder why you would pay more to "do it your self" when you have us as an option? Most likely - you just did not know there was another viable option - until now! Below learn the pros and cons of using a CMS for your company web site and how to determine which option offers the best long term value.

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At Back2Front we offer several solutions for managing web site updates, including CMS options:

  1. We do it all for you:

    Our fully managed web site service offers a fast and accurate update service as part of the management fee. Only a small update handling fee is charged per request (by email or phone) to cover our cost of taking the request and any further communications needed to complete the request. This service includes proofreading, editing, writing, finding stock images, programming, email admin, domain name admin, video format conversion, etc. With our fully managed service you get back to business right away secure in the knowledge that your web site is being professionally updated and cared for faster and more accurately than your lay staff could hope to achieve.
  2. We do most of it for you:

    For our fully managed web site clients who have large numbers of similar updates, high frequency updates, or very time-sensitive updates, such as product catalogues, shopping carts, or appointment setting we can set up custom solutions where updates can be competed by your untrained staff simply by filling out a pre-designed web form. When the form is submitted the changes to the web site take effect immediately. This option is best used for the kind of update that is repeated often and does not change in format from update to update. This option is not meant for free form updates or any updates made to a part of the site that has not been predetermined.
  3. The hybrid solution - Fully Managed & CMS

    For our fully managed web site clients who would like to add large amounts of non-predefined content such as a blog, or articles, we can install a CMS system such as Wordpress that can be embedded in the web site so as to appear as if it were just another section of the site. In this section the client has free access to add/remove/edit as they see fit. The rest of the web site is updated by us as in option #1
  4. The full CMS option:

    For clients who want full access to update all parts of their web site we can install a standard CMS system (your choice) on our hosting service. You get our superior hosting service and our availability for trouble shooting, training, and any other support issues at a fat fee per request. This option does not provide many of the services we can offer with our fully managed service such as:
    • Site wide detailed statistics reports from our server logs
    • link checking
    • Site Validation
    • Browser compatibility
    • Our SEO program
    • Our conversion program
    Some of the services we offer for free to our fully managed clients are available but are not included in the hosting fees for example:
    • Content development
    • proofreading
    • Web Design
    • Photo & Image Editing
So which of our options is best for your company?
We believe that options #1, #2 and #3 provide the best value in the industry. If you are running a successful company wherein web content creation is not your core competency, then one of these options is your best bet.

If you are a start-up with limited funds, and/or are already fully trained on a CMS system, or if you are a control freak who just can't bring yourself to delegate your web site updating to anyone else, but you still want the security and peace of mind that having Back2Front's experts available to you when you need us, then option #4 may be the right option for you.

When does looking elsewhere make sense?
If you are a start up, or hobbyist with limited funds, you like working with computers and are comfortable using a CMS system, you have time to work on your web site above and beyond the time it takes to decide on the content it should have, and the quality/performance of your web site is not critical to the success of your endeavour, then there are many, many options available for you to choose from at very little cost. Most web hosts these days offer their own versions of a CMS often called "web builder" or something like that. And of course there are the standards available from their dedicated web sites usually offering a free version and upgrade options: