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Back2Front - The Website People Music Production Studio FatLabs Recommends Back2Front! FatLabs Five years running and Back2Front is still the best web management service I know of. It's one thing to get a site looking nice, but over the years I've come to appreciate the behind-the-scenes compatibility and search engine optimization expertise of the team. Vikas Fat Labs Back2Front is a straight no-bull company. They tell you what works, what doesn't and deliver on everything. It's the sort of service necessary in order for me to concentrate on developing my own business and taking care of my clients. Vikas Kohli
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Costs Down, Productivity Up! Hubbell Canada is one of Back2Front's fully managed web site service clients. We are currently providing on-going support and management for both their public and internal web sites.

Previous to our involvement they were attempting to manage their web sites in-house by hiring staff and/or contractors to come in on site. They found it difficult to obtain all of the necessary skills in a small team and also discovered that inconsistencies in standards compliance and programming expertise lead to poor levels of quality in the resulting web sites.

Since out-sourceing their web site to Back2Front the quality, consistency, user experience, and currency have improved dramatically while costs have decreased significantly.

Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service
Candace has been a joy to work with. She is personable, direct and really knows what she is talking about. Her ability to find creative alternative solutions when faced with conflicting requirements has been invaluable. I have worked with Candace since 2009 and readily recommend her and her team at Back2Front.
Glenda Bennett
Supervisor, Media and Creative Services, Hubbell Canada

Helping Our Clients Grow

Reder Paralegal Pat Reder, owner of Reder Paralegal Services of Ajax, Ontario, has been a client of Back2front since November 2006. Pat's business has been thriving and has grown into a Professional Corporation encompassing three businesses: Reder Paralegal Services, Reder Family Mediation, and Reder Property Management.

Since the original web site,, only reflected the one service, our client asked us to create two additional web sites; one for each of the new companies. We considered the situation and offered an alternative - one large web site It costs a client far more to pay for the hosting of three separate web sites and to have us create a unique graphic and layout for each one, than it would to expand the existing web site. Even though it would mean less business for us, we know how hard it is to grow a company and we want to help in every way we can. Offering a less expensive option at this point, made sense.

The new larger web site has a dark blue theme for all the general Reder Professional Corporation pages. There is a separate page for each part of the company with its own colour scheme and logo. This approach creates a cohesive look and feel running through the entire web site yet each of the separate companies has its own identity.

Pat is very pleased with her new site and decided to use the money we saved her to enter it in our Search Engine Optimization program. The SEO program will greatly enhance the traffic to her site, giving her a greater return on her investment. People attracted to her site for one service will, most likely, view her other services too, which increases the opportunity for further business - which after all is the name of the game!

Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service
Candace and the Back2Front staff: I have been a happy client for many years, and for that I wish to thank you for my website and the maintenance thereof.

Pat Reder,
Owner, Reder Paralegal

Re-Design and Re-Write

When Hargrave Heating and Air Conditioning transferred to Back2Front they were aware that the site was badly in need of a rewrite. The client and his staff were fully occupied running the business and just did not have the time that was needed to devote to it. Back2Front saved the day by writing the content for them as part of our regular fully managed service. All Hargrave Heating had to do was provide us with a list of the products and services that were to be featured and a list of suppliers.

After a thorough examination we found that much of the information on the original web site was out of date, some pages had very little meaningful text, and other pages had a long scroll down full of technical jargon. All of this needed to be corrected. Firstly, he needed up-to-date information. Short meaningless text does not attract search engines. Long technical text turns away human visitors. We sourced all the new information from the suppliers and downloaded the relevant images and brochures (with permission) from their web sites.

We wrote concise summaries of the products and services with links to further details on the suppliers' sites or down-loadable brochures for anyone who needed to read up on the technicalities. Each group of products was given its own page with a descriptive menu label.

The result is an attractive, easy to navigate web site that is optimized for both search engines and real people - and a very happy client.

Back2Front - The Web Site People: Fully Managed Web Site Service
The website looks amazing. You guys have done an incredible job. Keep up the good job. Thanks.

Tim Sakai,
Owner, Hargrave Heating and Air Conditioning