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Happy for 10 years & 3 months.
Launched June 2009
Happy for 5 years & 7 months.
March 2014
"... we are extremely happy with the site." Scott McGregor, owner/operater KLS Drywall Finishing
Happy for 1 year & 11 months.
November 2018
"Site launched November 2018." King and Weston Dental Clinic
Happy for 12 years & 8 months.
The Kenny Simon Band have provided wedding and event entertainment for many years. Before signing on with Back2Front they struggled to create and maintain a web site on their own using a free online hosting service. Like many small organizations the cost of a professional web site seemed out of reach. Back2Front was able to demonstrate how cost effective a web site management service can be.
If you spend less time struggling with an ineffective web site, get more clients through a well crafted Back2Front web site, and spend your now freed-up time out promoting your product or service, your business will always benefit.
If you are serious about success a professionally managed web site is the better choice.
Kenny now spends more of his time doing what he loves - entertaining people.

April 2007 - "Thanks very much for your work. Overall, I think it's a great site."
- Kenny

May 2007 - "Aaron, Thanks very much for making the changes and the invoice. The site is functioning nicely and the main menu is more logical than previously."
- Kenny

Happy for 8 years & 7 months.
March 2011
"The folks at Back2Front took an old impractical website, spiffed it up, made it work, and did it all with enormous patience for my limited technical expertise. They are competent, friendly, efficient and very affordable. To small business people or anyone on a limited budget who still need a professional website, they're the obvious choice."
- Author John Lawrence Reynolds
Happy for 14 years & 2 months.
"Thanks again for your diligence on this project... It means more than words can say!"Sheri Andrunyk From her news letter: "Extra hugs of appreciation go to: Candace Carter from Back2Front (My web designer - this gal knows her stuff - and although I thought at times it seemed a tedious process, I never once heard that from her.. If you haven't done this for yourself yet ladies, it is worth every penny!)..."Sheri Andrunyk
July 2009
"Thanks very much, Jacquie, for taking the time to respond to my questions so thoroughly. All sounds good to me! I can't wait to see the updates!Sheri
March 2012
"Thanks for all the great work and service 'Back2Front'! I appreciate your assistance, your patience and professionalism!"Sheri
Happy for 9 years & 1 month.
September 2010
"Site launched September 2010." Advanced Home Inspections
Happy for 10 years & 6 months.
Like many new clients Raydel was referred to us by one of our existing clients. Our clients like our service so much that they tell everyone they know about us! Raydel is not a computer wizard and English is not his first language. His specialty is home repairs and he is very good at what he does. He needed a company to create a web site for him, make sure that the English used on the site was correct, and then take care of all the details for him so that he could concentrate on what he does best! At Back2Front Raydel gets everything he needs - with no hassle.

August 2010 - "Thank you very much for your great job."