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Keyword Analysis

Client input is the first step in the Keyword Analysis:

  1. Your participation is optional. If you wish to participate, then please fill in the form below with information about your company. It should take less than 20 minutes.
    Otherwise we will proceed with information gleaned from your web site.
    Warning: Using this form, you will not be able to save the data (to work on later if you are interrupted). You may want to write your answers in a text editor first, and copy and paste them into this form when you are done. We also advise reading the form through to the end before starting to fill it in.
  2. If you don't know the answer to a question, or if it is not applicable to your situation, just enter N/A in the space provided. Use commas to separate keyword phrases. You do not need to understand keywords, or SEO, we are looking for "off the top of your head" responses to these questions based only on what you know about your own business.
  3. When the analysis is finished, (it usually takes several days), a full report will be sent to your email address.

Product/Service Description
List words that best describe your product or service. If there are many products, identify "concept words" that would encompass all or most of the products. Include brand names, lay people's terms and industry terms.

Synonyms and Related Terms
List synonyms and related terms for your core products or services and alternate words that might be used in a search by your clients.
Common Misspellings of Products or Services
List common misspellings relevant to your product or service (if any). We can add a misspelling to your web site without it looking like you don't know how to spell. Adding a common misspelling can increase your traffic—especially if your competitor does not have it on his site. Generic misspellings are not useful. What we want here are any words that are industry, or product-specific, that you may already know are commonly misspelled.
Limiting Factors
List words that describe any limiting factors that apply to your products or how you do business, such as "wholesale only," "minimum fee" or "shipping constraints," etc. Using these elements in the keyword phrases will help reduce nuisance inquiries and more tightly target the correct audience.
Unique Characteristics
List words that describe anything unique about your product or service.
This will help us find keywords that have low supply and high demand.
List words that best describe your location or your service area.
Your country and your province or state should be mentioned. Town, city, and regional names are important if you have a restricted service area or have clients who would prefer to buy locally. Be specific—searchers do not use "Southern Ontario." They use their own town names first, then surrounding town names if unsuccessful. List all location names that are relevant.
Ideal Client Characteristics
Who is your ideal client? What would he/she be most interested in, aside from your basic product/service? Would it be cost, location, quality, service, selection, or warranty? If we know their priorities, we can choose keywords that will appeal directly to your best clients.
Nuisance Characteristics
You may have a type of person who contacts you regularly and who is a time-wasting or unprofitable prospect. If so, identifying the keywords the nuisance caller uses may be able to help reduce contacts from such people. Are there any words that they would use and your best clients would not? (For instance, you offer a premium service and you wish to exclude those looking for the lowest price.)
Your Keyword Ideas
If you have any ideas about which words your best prospects may use to find your web site, please enter them here. (Please enter words that only people who don't know your company might use.) This may include keywords you have successfully used in the past, or that you know your competitors are using.

Web Site Content Update Since Last Analysis
Only fill this in if you have had us do an analysis for you previously. Keywords must be re-evaluated periodically to keep up with changing business realities. If you have added or discontinued products or services, or have moved or added a new location since your last Keyword Analysis, these changes should be reflected here.
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