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Back2Front provides unsurpassed long-term web site service. The best proof we can offer comes directly from our client's comments which are dated and shown below. It is easy to make a client happy once, but to keep hundreds of clients happy consistently for years?
Now that's service!
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Happy for 6 years & 8 months.

April 2012
"We want to thank you for all of your excellent work."
- Karen Junkin

Happy for 11 years & 4 months.

July 2006
"It's lovely!! Everyone loves the site, Lillian is very am I. Thanks very much."
- Joyce..and Lillian

Happy for 10 years & 5 months.

In a competitive market such a print media Derek Armstrong's web site had to do well on the search engines. He could have spent a lot to an SEO company to have a poorly done web site rank well on Google, or he could have a properly done web site by Back2Front and take advantage of good natural search performance at a much lower cost.
Back2Front is a web site management company first and foremost - this means that we don't just design web sites - we take care of them for the long term. This means that the design not only has to look great, it also has to function well and perform well for the client everyday. A web designer who does not have to maintain a web site he designs, or be responsible for its Search Engine performance, will design a site that is impractical and does poorly in the search engines. Derek? He is happy he chose us!

June 2007 - "Thank you for your help with everything. I like the new site, and I am looking forward to the full realization of the optimization. Thank you and have a great day!!"
- Derek Armstrong

Happy for 3 years & 10 months.

November 2016
"Great service !!!! - thanks for the instant response"
- Stephen

Happy for 3 years & 5 months.

Launched June 2014