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Back2Front provides unsurpassed long-term web site service. The best proof we can offer comes directly from our client's comments which are dated and shown below. It is easy to make a client happy once, but to keep hundreds of clients happy consistently for years?
Now that's service!
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Happy for 9 years & 5 months.

April 2008
Thank you Candace, that makes sense. I appreciate your help, and advice.
- Margaret.

October 2008
"Hi Corinne, What a nice surprise. Yes, you have my permission to go ahead and submit my site for consideration for an award. Many thanks to you and Candace. I am excited to have something good come my way and I look forward to hearing from you."
- Margaret

Happy for 10 years & 6 months.

Designers like Tracy can be difficult clients for a web site designer who has a ego. Design professionals often have a very clear idea of what they want for their company web site. They demand a high level of design excellence, as well they should, since design is their business! At Back2Front we have several excellent designers who check their egos at the door when they work for us. Tracy was able to realize her vision for her web site through our designer rather than having a designer impose a design on her. Tracy has also been able to re-design her web site to keep up with design trends quickly and easily at a very low cost - because the majority of the cost of redesign is covered by our flat fee management service!

May 14, 2007 - "I love, love, love the website! Thank you so much."
- Tracy Kundell

May 18, 2007 - "Candace, I just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know that I am thrilled with my website, Martha was very patient and came up with very creative solutions to my demanding needs. The response so far has been great! Thank you so much! I will definitely be passing your name along."
- Tracy Kundell

October 2008 - "Hi Candace, I am flattered that you would nominate my website for an award. You guys did a great job on it. Best regards."
- Tracy

Happy for 11 years & 11 months.

Dec 2005 At Launch
"It looks great and has gotten an excellent response from those who have checked it out so far. Candace truly understood what I wanted and what I needed and produced a wonderful site." - Colleen

Happy for 8 years & 10 months.

Before Launch
"It's so perfect! I love it. Thank you."
- Lyn Gilchrist, Owner and Creative Director of By Design.
After Launch January 2009
"Great job on my website! I'm thrilled with the design. It's creative, unique and reinforces my brand - exactly what I wanted. And, I'm happy with the service I received throughout the development process. All in all, I think that for the investment I've made in my website, Back2Front has provided excellent value. Thank you. Here are some of the initial reactions I've received:
'Your website is terrific!!!'
'Crisp. Clean. Well-done. Professional.' "
- Lyn Gilchrist, Owner and Creative Director of By Design.

May 2011
Just wanted to say how informative I found your latest newsletter on Social Media. The pressure seems to be on all businesses to participate in Social Media so the information you provided is very helpful in terms of the pros, cons and commitment required. Thanks for the timely article.
- Lyn Gilchrist

Happy for 10 years & 11 months.

December 2006
"I do like the format that you have chosen, go ahead and launch. Thanks"
- Dean Anderson

December 2008
"Thanks for your advice regarding spam."
- Dean Anderson