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Back2Front provides unsurpassed long-term web site service. The best proof we can offer comes directly from our client's comments which are dated and shown below. It is easy to make a client happy once, but to keep hundreds of clients happy consistently for years?
Now that's service!
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Happy for 8 years.

June 2009
"We seem to be getting quite a few catalogue and information requests since going live. Terrific!! I'm quite pleased so far with the action that seems to be taking place around our site with all of the emails I'm receiving."
- Mim Bowman, Uxbridge Nurseries Limited

Happy for 9 years & 5 months.

March 2008
"Lately a few more new patients have been saying that they found our office online. Thanks!"
- Paul Salvo, D.D.S.

Happy for 4 years & 10 months.

August, 2012
"Avril, you are a great artist you turned on the live switch, our site is now alive and can be experienced all over the world. We thank you for your hard work and the patience you extended to the Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team. For us it is a brand new site, a new experience, we all like the end product, hopefully we will get some great feedback from our colleague chefs and employers from the hospitality industry around the world. Candace we are very happy with Back2front and your excellent team. Thank you."
- Edouard Colonerus, Team Manager Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team
August, 2012
"Avril, you deserve a MEDAL. You're doing a great job on our website."
- Edouard

Happy for 5 years & 7 months.

Launched November 2011

Happy for 8 years & 7 months.

March 2012
"Thanks again, I am so happy I went with you folks. Any time I have had questions or needed changes you have been right on top of it. Kudos to you all.

I have also referred a couple of people to you. Hopefully they have checked you out."
Robert Desjardins, Massage Essentials