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What Our Clients Say...
Back2Front Portfolio Client - Find a Car Canada
We have been with Back2Front for email and web hosting for a while now and we are very happy with their services. Any technical issues are answered and resolved expediently. They also recently worked with us to help redesign our website and we could not be happier with it!
Dan D'Aprile, Find a Car Canada
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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

  • How much will my web site cost?
    • All costs are described in detail on the How Much? page.

      To summarize, the cost of your web site depends on the number of pages in it. There are no hidden fees, no limits on size, content, hits, support, consultation, graphics, or anything else. That's it. You are in complete control of how much your web site will cost you.
  • Are there any ongoing costs?
    • Yes. See the Home Much page for details.

      There is an ongoing management fee — paid in advance — that covers all the on-going services that will keep your site working hard for you. There is also a low, flat-rate handling fee for updates when you request changes to your web site or related services.
  • May I have Back2Front design my new web site, but then host it elsewhere?
    • Under certain conditions yes. But why would you want to when Back2Front offers second to none hosting services? Lets have a chat to see what we can do for you!
  • I currently own a web site which is hosted elsewhere; would Back2Front help me update it?
    • Under certain conditions yes. However, if you move your web site to our hosting service it will cost you less over the long term.
  • May I have the web site design done elsewhere, but then host the web site with Back2Front?
    • Yes. See the Service Details page for details.

      We are very flexible regarding your web site design. If you have a logo, marketing materials, any other images, or even a complete web site design, we will incorporate it into your new web site, making sure that the final design meets our high user interface and quality standards. Note: Our pricing remains the same regardless of the quality or quantity of materials you provide us.
  • I currently own a web site which is hosted elsewhere; may I switch my service to Back2Front?
    • Absolutely. See the Moving to Us page.

      Moreover, we can manage a seamless transition, bring your current web site up to snuff, make recommendations for improvement, update the content and design, transfer the domain, email, and hosting services ... whatever is needed to meet your needs. The same flat-rate pricing applies to new or existing sites that are moving to us. Please see our How Much? section for details. Many clients who were not happy with their previous service have switched their web sites over to Back2Front, and are much happier for it!
  • Will I be able to update my own web site?
    • Yes we can set up part or all of your web site so that you can update it yourself.

      However, we provide a fast update service so that you don't have to! This way you get high-quality service, you don't have to spend time learning the technology, and you don't have to spend time maintaining your web site — after all, that's what you're paying us for, isn't it? Many of our clients have done their own updates in the past with other providers, but have since found that it is more cost effective to take advantage of our low flat-rate update fee, rather than looking after this time-consuming task themselves. The skill and training required to do this task quickly, efficiently and accurately is often underestimated.

      Ask us about your particular requirements; we do not charge extra for consulting on such issues.
  • Will I be able to approve my web site before it goes live?
    • Of course! See The Process page.

      The setup process involves your ongoing feedback, and the site does not go live until you say so. To accommodate this process, your in-progress web site will be available to you on our development environment, not publicly advertised, so that you may review and approve it before anyone else sees it. We also recommend publishing your web site in steps: You approve and we publish each page as we go along.
  • I'm thinking about trying out a basic web site for now, and adding to it later; what do you think?
    • Great idea!

      With our service, you can continue to update your web site at any time after it goes live. The cost of setting up your web site is still by the page, regardless of whether you do it in stages, or all at once. In fact, we recommend putting up a basic web site early, rather than waiting for a final piece, because it will give your web site a head start with the search engines, and provide you with a chance to collect feedback and statistics on it before deciding how to proceed.
  • How is billing handled?
    • We require a deposit before beginning work on your site. You will be billed the balance at the beginning of the month following your go-live date (due 30 days following).

      You will not be billed until you have approved the site, and it has gone live. You will be sent a detailed invoice at the end of that month. We usually bill in advance for one year of management services to avoid the overhead of small monthly payments and receipts. However, we will accept monthly post-dated cheques if you prefer. We currently accept cash, money orders, email money transfers, cheques, or payment by credit card via PayPal.
  • Can I have a hit counter on my site?
    • Yes.

      However, Back2Front provides comprehensive and detailed monthly statistics reports for all our clients as part of our ongoing management service. These reports will allow you to keep track of your site traffic in far more detail and with far more accuracy than hit counters can. As well, unlike hit counters — which make your statistics public — the reports you get are kept private.

      See the Service Details page for more details.
  • Can I have email addresses that match my domain name?
    • Sure, if you'd like. See the Service Details page for more details.

      In most cases we can take advantage of your existing email accounts (e.g., one provided by your Internet Service Provider such as Rogers or Sympatico, or any free email service such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail), and provide you with "" addresses for free using a forwarding service. If you have more complex requirements, discuss them with us. We can often help; our service is quite flexible.
  • I do not speak English well, or have difficulty writing professionally; can you help me with the content?
    • Yes. See the Service Details page for more details.

      Content development is part of our Fully Managed Web Site Service. We can gather information about your business through an interview and other sources, and then put together content in a clear, professional and web-appropriate style.
  • What about sound, video, links, forms, e-commerce, databases, interactive features, etc.? Do they cost extra?
    • No problem. They do not cost extra.

      Remember, the cost of your web site depends on the number of pages in it, not the content. If you have media files you would like to post, other web sites you wish to link to, forms you would like to offer, etc., just let us know and we will take care of it.
  • Do you look after search engine optimization?
    • Yes. See the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) page for more details.

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is included in our service to help make the best use of your online "real-estate." We get your site listed, help to ensure that there are no barriers to search engine success, monitor performance, and make recommendations for improvements as needed. There are also many other things you can do besides basic SEO to improve your web site's performance and generate more traffic. Ask us for advice; we can suggest various Internet marketing strategies to suit your particular budget.
  • How long will it take to build my web site?
    • Short Answer: It depends.

      Long Answer: We have created entire multi-page web sites in as little as two days. We have also worked on sites that required several months to complete due to client change requests and delays in receiving content from clients. As the client, you are the one who by far determines how long the process will take, based on your input and feedback.

      If you have a deadline to meet, the best strategy is to start with something basic, so that at least you have a web site (however small) available for the launch date. You can then expand and improve the site at any time after that.

      The amount of time it takes to build your web site, and how many steps are involved, does not affect its price. However, update fees may apply if you require us to make repeated changes/revisions to the materials you provide.
  • How responsive is Back2Front to requests?
    • Very. Of course! See the Updates page for more details. Many requests are responded to within hours. Complex requests may take a few days. Requests are handled in approximately the following priority:
      1. Error fixing / troubleshooting of live web sites.
      2. Update requests for live web sites.
      3. New content requests for live web sites.
      4. New web site requests from new clients.
      In other words, existing "live" clients have the highest priority.
  • OK, I am ready to sign up; how do we proceed?
    • Welcome aboard! Please visit the Sign-Up Form page to get started.

      The sign-up form is intended to make sure you understand our service; please read it, make sure you understand it, and ask us any questions you still have. Once we have the signed form and your deposit, we will contact you for your initial input. We will continue to solicit your feedback during the setup process to ensure that our work meets your requirements.
  • I have received quotes from other providers that are several times what you charge, yet you seem to offer better service; how can your prices be so low?
    • We're just that good! See the Compare Us page for details.

      We are in this business for the long run. Our prices are low upfront and our ongoing service quality is high. We know that the best customers are those who stay with us long-term, and our service and prices reflect that. We are dedicated professionals with years of specialized training and experience. Web site management is what we do full time, and we do it well.