Enterprise - Cost Effective

The perfect fit

Cost Effectiveness is the name of the game when it comes to business tools; online tools are no exception. Our specialty is finding the perfect fit with online tools that do the job well and can be added/upgraded as needed. We offer tools without the extras that you don't need (that would only jack up the cost), but with the ongoing support that you do need.

The results? A highly effective company extranet with a low over-all cost from Back2Front Enterprise.

  1. First we have a chat with you about your business requirements.
  2. Next we do the research to find the lowest cost solution that will do the job well.
  3. We will set it up and configure it as per your requirements.
  4. Then let you try it out *risk-free!
  5. Often there's an open source or low-cost solution already out there ready to go to work for your company.
  6. However, if the first solution does not fit perfectly, a few tweaks might sort it out.
  7. If not, we try another similar option. (Often there are several to choose from.)
  8. Or, if your requirements are rare, then a custom solution can always be the next step.
  9. From then on, we will be there to provide support as needed.
  10. When and if you grow out of this solution and need to up-grade - no worries! Usually, these plug-ins are upgraded regularly by the open source community to include new features. If this is not enough, we will either find a new plug-in for you or develop a custom solution.
  11. Piece by perfectly fitting piece you can grow your company extranet, as you grow your company, and Back2Front will be there for you - to help along the way.
Enterprise - Cost Effective

Can your Extranet be Cost Effective? Yes, but only with well-fitting tools.

Our specialty is finding that perfect fit: Cost Effective, open source, modular, web solutions.

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Back2Front - The Website People Candace has been a joy to work with. She is personable, direct and really knows what she is talking about. Her ability to find creative alternative solutions when faced with conflicting requirements has been invaluable. I have worked with Candace since 2009 and readily recommend her and her team at Back2Front. Glenda Bennett Supervisor, Media and Creative Services Hubbell Canada www.hubbell.ca
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