Caring for your company web site is our top priority, and our specialty. Yes, this means second–to–none Web Hosting, but that is only the beginning...
What Our Clients Say...
Back2Front Portfolio Client - Hubbell Canada
Candace has been a joy to work with. She is personable, direct and really knows what she is talking about. Her ability to find creative alternative solutions when faced with conflicting requirements has been invaluable. I have worked with Candace since 2009 and readily recommend her and her team at Back2Front. Great Results, Good Value, Creative Solutions.
Glenda Bennett
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Website Management

We take good care of your web site!

What Does Web Site Management Mean?

It means continuous, ongoing, long–term web site service. We continually monitor your site, check your links, compile statistics reports, keep backups, handle your email, check for browser compatibility, offer technical support, provide consulting, send you educational newsletters, complete your updates, renew your domains... and anything else you need. Back2Front is here for you—when you need us!

It means we take care of everything for you—period. You don't need technical expertise, and you won't need any training. Our professional team of web designers, programmers, writers, content editors, and marketing specialists are highly trained and dedicated exclusively to web site services. Your web site will be managed by experts.

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What does Flat–rate Pricing mean?

Great value with no surprises! We charge a flat rate per page regardless of the content or length of the page. You will know in advance exactly how much your invoice is going to be; just count the pages on your site, or the number of updates/revisions you requested!

No need for quotes, no detailed specifications, no negotiations, no guessing. Our flat–rate pricing is comprehensive; it covers everything involved in setting up and managing your web site. We don't know of any other web site company that prices this way. In the long run it will save you money and we think you'll like it!

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